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Granny Sue

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Hello again, to all my brainiac friends. I was looking through the Mint Forum for an answer to a question and realized I could be looking all night. I tried to find a Search box for this and found none. Can it really be true? Are there really no search boxes for the forums? All of you far more intelligent people than I cannot come up with a way to add this to the forums??? I really can't believe it! :rolleyes: Or, more likely, have I just not looked in the correct place? (I have been known to overlook the obvious, just ask @atanere.) Please let keep me informed, "Inquiring minds want to know...." :confused:


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You rang? :D

The Linux Mint Forums (here) have a Search box in the upper right corner. You can type into the box right away. Here on linux.org there is a button in the upper right corner that says Search and shows a magnifying glass icon. Click that, and then you can enter your search criteria.
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It's quite good, but it ignores 3-letter words (as being too common) and special characters

Granny Sue

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I thought that searech bocx was for the entire website, as in, it wouldn't just look at Forums. (OY VEY!!) Thank you.

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