[Solved] No Display VGA light is on

Given you have no video even before the BIOS kicks in suggests it's a hardware issue, not a driver / software issue.

I see you've already reset your memory modules which is the first thing I would do. Since you can't *see* the BIOS to do a BIOS reset, I would look at the motherboard and find the CR2032 lithium coin cell battery and pull it off the board if you can. Hopefully that can cause a BIOS reset.

As noted, reseat the memory and video card which I believe you already have. Ensure when you pull the battery, the PC is fully unplugged and let it sit without the battery / plug for a good 2 minutes or so.

EDIT: lol, I guess I'm late to the party. I got the mention and click the link and only saw the first page and replied.

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