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Hey guys,

Recently I have decided to learn how to make 4G proxies using linux, but I am fairly new to linux and have been struggling a lot.

I am trying to follow this guide that I found but I keep getting stuck at every step.

I am looking for someone to help me figure this out and teach me how to set this up and basic stuff about the system, I am willing to help in other stuff that I am good at and at this point I am also willing to pay a good amount of money.

Please let me know if you think you can help me.

Have a great day !


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We could help you with specific problems but I think you are asking too much here.
You already have a tutorial, do some research about the tools and concepts in each steps and you will be fine.

4G proxies is nothing more than a regular proxy when it comes to linux. All you have to do to get started is to get your hands on few things :
  • a Linux machine (use a regular desktop for prototyping, its easier than SoC like Raspberry)
  • a 4G modem (usb dongle for example, I don't think there are any 4G modem in PCI format)
The configuration of the USB modem can be tricky : by default is it connected as a storage USB device. The way you can make it act as a modem is described in your tutorial.

Once you can reach the internet with the USB modem plugged in your linux machine you are mostly done.

You will then have to improve your skills about VPN and network routing in linux so you can easily forward your network to a specific machine.

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