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Jan 2, 2024
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i'am newbie Linux Mint 21.3.
I use an external monitor and wanted this one as main monitor. I wanted also to close my laptop cover and use the external monitor as one monitor only.

With the display settings i could tell Linux, that the main monitor is the external one. But how is it possible to move the tasbar menu with the icons to the main monitor. Also when i close the laptop cover, nothing happened. So what must i do?

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G'day jochen, Welcome to Linux.org

if you right click in the panel (taskbar) on your laptop and select panel settings.
That will open a window, and there will be a heading down the bottom with title 'General Panel Options'...with a choice to Add new Panel
Click on that, and the external screen should now show 4 "panels"....one along eachside top and bottom of that screen

click on the one you wish to be the new panel (taskbar)...usually the bottom one. That should make the others on top and sides disappear, leaving just the one along the bottom.

I have to leave for a short while...back soon
I'm back

seeing that helped, I will assume you now have a panel on the bottom of the external.

Now you just need to populate it with a menu and icons for the various apps you want there

Right click on that new panel.....select Applets

Scroll down the list till you find menu...click on it once to highlight it.....then click on the + sign down the bottom

That will add it to that panel.

Now....here is the interesting bit. Sometimes it will be added to the right hand side of the new panel.......you can drag and drop it to the left hand side/end.......but when you do you may find that you need to drag it slightly past the end of the panel before you let it go.

Little bit of trial and error required here.

Sometimes, right clicking on the panel and selecting Panel Edit Mode can help.....sometimes it does nothing but confuse the issue.

Stay calm. you will get it. Dont be afraid to play around with it.

Getting the icons for apps onto that panel can be easy, or it also can be a pain

Click on Menu, find the app (eg Firefox....just type the name in....it will self populate)....right click on the name firefox and select add to panel
An icon for firefox (or whatever) will appear in the panel.

It may......appear in the panel on your laptop !...just to seriously make you wonder what you have got yourself into !

Right click on panel (either one) and select Panel Edit Mode......drag and drop the firefox icon to the other panel.
If it will not stay there, but bounces back to the other panel.....drag it again, but this time, 'hide; it behind the menu icon before you release it. it should stay there.
Then right click a panel again and turn panel edit mode off.

Go back to the new panel and drag the firefox icon out from behind the manu icon so that it is sitting on the other side of it.
It should sit there and stay (like a good dog !)

When you add other icons, eg terminal ....whatever....add them in the same way as I described for the firefox icon......they should not give too much trouble.......they (if they add to the laptop panel) should just drag to the externals panel fairly easily....you may have to 'hide' them behind the firefox icon etc to get them to behave.....but once you have done that you can drag them backwards and forwards to arrange them in any order you like

if you right click on menu, and select configure, you can change the icon for the menu....a fair few choices there....just click on the existing icon in the page that opens and it will open a page full of them. You can also alter its size from that same page.

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