termux ssh config supervision needed.

May 12, 2022
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As u know, termux is a productive tool. However, while using it as a " Remote Access Client " to a server,
the SSH session dies.
I remember that I changed the session time out.
I think I used the following guide.
But I cannot find a sshd_config for termux. sshd -f ./pathto/sshd_config may work. But I don't have the right setup file for this particular distro "Termux".

I'm also looking for a work around so I can use termux root repo packages and some tools without rooting the android phone. the android phone is unrootable !
There are other minor issues as well. the way termux has / or has not read access to some device folders can cause some problem.
So, any help is appreciated.

You can load a person ssh configuration file for each user, you can try adding there: ~/.ssh/config, I don't use an ssh client on a phone so can't help you out with the phone part.

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