The linux distros in the download linux page are out of date

Nov 16, 2021
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a lot of the distros listed in the downloads page are out of date, for example: blacklab, development stoped 6 years ago.

i also feel that there should be some order to the page, something like, easy to install/maintain , medium difficulty to install/maintain, and challenging to install/maintain

i feel as if this would give some order to the page

sorry, didn't realise that forum assistance was something i could post to

Consider it moved.

I'll ping @Rob. I'm not sure, but I think any admin should be able to adjust that page? But, I know Rob can.
I love that userid, makes me hungry. :)

I updated the Puppy one on the advice of a Member a week or two ago, with an intention to look at the rest. I don't mind updating others, but I would leave it to @Rob to OK it.

It has also been suggested to me that we include links to those of our Members who are Devs, and I agree. That would be @Lord Boltar with Expirion (Debian-based), Sam @GeckoLinux with Gecko Linux (openSUSE-based) and Spiral Linux (Debian-based), and 'Der Doktor' Joe Kamprad with EndeavourOS (Arch-based).

Cheers, and thanks for the heads up @donnerkebab1730

Should probably add Lubuntu to the list. I am on the dev team, after all.
There's also Peppermint 11 (Debian-based) with @pepdebian being a Member (a friend just reminded me).
i feel like we could add half a million different distros, maybe focusing on just begginer distros would be better, after all i dont think anybody is going to be downloading slackware and doing a full install just because they saw it in the downloads page here. maybe focusing on begginer to medium-ish difficulty distros would be better
Please can we be rid of Kali, if it's not on our download page, perhaps we won't get as many questions
Parrot is a full desktop Linux, fairly easy to install, with a friendlier forum, [just come from looking in there] not a lot in common with Kali except pen-testing, good idea
Those download links bring a huge number of visitors to the site
I do not see Experion. (Lord Boltar)...or Peppermint 11....

My #6 relates to my #4, in the category of "to do"

Geez Louise cut me some slack, been Timeshifting all over the shop and I'm dizzy. ;)
Solution ?? + More Beer !
Page views 9,926,712

That number will include x-amount of bots. Counting actual traffic is difficult and forums just count page views - some with rudimentary ways of not counting bots. Those typically only cover the major bots, like the search engine bots.

Even dedicated stats software, like AWstats or Webalizer, have a hard time getting precise figures. It's estimated that about 90% of all web traffic is just computers talking to computers and not real human traffic. So, the actual number of human views *may be* significantly lower.

This isn't a reason to not have the page. If the page has helped just one person find a distro, it was worth making the page. So, even removing the potential bot traffic means that page has been opened by a whole lot of real people.