The story of how 'Octo' malware's tentacles are reaching phone screens across Australia (and elsewhere ?)


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Apr 30, 2017
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Maliciously coded fake apps like the 'Octo' malware are being used to trick unsuspecting victims
Russian cybercriminals have taken aim at the nation's major banks with a sophisticated new malware campaign, with Australians specifically in their sights.

Unsuspecting victims are being swindled with bogus login pages on their banking apps, which appear authentic to even the technologically savvy eye.

Before we explain how it works, let's see if you can pick the scam.

Q1: Which one is a real login portal for Bank of Melbourne?​

Bank of Melbourne

AOption A
BOption B

Q2: Which one is a real login portal for NAB?​


AOption A
BOption B

Q3: Which one is a real login portal for Greater Bank?​

Greater Bank

AOption A
BOption B

Q4: Which one is a real login portal for HSBC?​


AOption A
BOption B

Q5: Which one is a real login portal for St George?​

St George

AOption A
BOption B

Q6: Which one is a real login portal for Westpac?​


AOption A
BOption B

Quiz Results​


I am Australian

I bank with Westpac

As much as I studied the 'differences' between the two choices.....I was unable to pick any difference.

For the time being, I will use my iPhone to access that bank, as Android phones are specifically targeted,

Octo targets Android phones — think brands like Samsung, Google, HTC — and can be hidden in what look like legitimate apps on the Google Play store, which is trusted by most users because it's run by one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

It can also be downloaded and installed independently of the Google Play store, because of the way software on Android phones works.
I don't use my phone for banking and now so glad I didn't.
I'm with him ^^ ;)


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