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Thunar - Add Open As Root Functionality - Wizards Corner


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Apr 30, 2017
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The following I have recorded in Xubuntu 22.04 'Jammy Jellyfish', but it can be applied to most cases where Thunar is the File Manager, that is, under the Xfce Desktop Environment.

Viewing Time - 4m 14s

Level of Difficulty - Intermediate

Soon I will provide a little more detail where a different command may need to be used, and so on.



Great video @wizardfromoz! I have no need to use it since I use the terminal when copying or editing files that are owned by root.
I subscribed but was unable to leave a comment 'cause you've got them disabled.

That's probably for the best. At my site, probably 98% (or more) of the comments are spam. You wouldn't have to worry about that much on YouTube, but 98% of 'em would probably be comments from people who (let me be polite) have less than average intelligence.
I subscribed but was unable to leave a comment 'cause you've got them disabled.

Wouldn't surprise me, friend - I haven't had my act together for a millennium or so.

I'll be producing another vid next 24 or so, so will take a look.
Incredibly helpful video Wizard, thanks!

This will be a great resource on my Slackware install in the XFCE DE.
@craigevil I put a beer on that link post of yours because it has some handy tips. However the article itself is outdated in some ways and I thought it appropriate to bring that to the attention of The Viewers, as follows.

The following command for elevation of privileges


has been deprecated for some years, although if it is still in your distro's repositories it still is supported. It has been superceded in most cases with


Abhishek Prakash had this over at It's FOSS 11 months ago


I was aware of that, hence my saying in the video "The command, under this environment, is pkexec thunar %f".

That being said, the link was useful to me, in that it prompted me to join Xfce's Forum, and I have posted there today, suggesting the article be updated.


BTW - gksu will not work in the following environments
  • Ubuntu and Linux Mint
  • Debian
  • Devuan
  • probably others as well
If you are not sure which to use between pkexec and gksu, under apt you can issue the following

apt policy pkexec gksu

The following is an additional video I have created, this time in Devuan 5 'Daedalus', and it shows how you can add an item to the toolbar in Thunar to get a bit more functionality.

This is not available in all, but you can see if you have it.



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