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tinder for linux, does it require java? Have I found the right proceedures?

Nope. Not embarrassed to admit that I like to play around on tinder. Now that I have upgraded to zorin 15, it is time to make sure that my playtime continues on the puter and not just on the phone. Can't get it to work, and my best educated guess (ok, search engine research) is that it takes java, which I understand has to be loaded separately, as that is not included in the linux package. Soooo...trying to not be spoon-fed, I found this site, which walks me through the steps for doing this. That way I don't have to bother you guys too much. :) My question is: is this site accurate in the process I need to go through? I don't want to copy and paste commands that are going to destroy my os accidentally. https://www.guru99.com/how-to-install-java-on-ubuntu.html


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Have you looked in the repository ?

I've heard of the repository, but it did not turn up on my searches (probably using wrong terms). When I have used the "software" button and searched for "java", nothing came up that looked like what the oracle site shows, and the oracle site gives me jar files which need to be exported. I admit to being a dummy and not even knowing what those terms mean or how to set it up once it has been exported. :-(
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The link I supplied merely shows you how to access it on your PC

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