Trying to create a server but no dice



So I posted a thread earlier about not being able to get my PPTP server working. I mainly just need to have a FTP server so I can backup my important files for school. I tried this and I'm still not getting it to work. I'm following the tutorials but yet I can't connect to either. Am I missing something? Is there something about serving that I'm missing and isn't in the tutorials?

For Debian?

Should be straight forward. Do you want remote access? Secure FTP?
I am running vsftp on Arch Linux with remote access via

Simply put, install vsftp

signup for noip redirect

Install the client that will update with your computers ip address

make sure vsftpd is running at startup:
/sbin/service vsftpd enable
(as root)

And on your router, open the port you choose for vsftp in the configuration file at
I don't understand that last step. How do I open the port?
When you look at the configuration file, it should say what port vsftp is using. Unless you have changed it, the port you need to open is 20.

Now, you need to open your router/modem configuration page in a web browser . This can depend on what brand you are using. My wireless router uses as the ip.
My old modem used as the default page.

Once you gain access to your router/modem, the port vsftp (in the default case 20) needs to be forwarded (port forwarding)
take a look at

Also, make sure to allow incoming/outgoing from port 20 is in you firewall rules. IE iptables by default. (ufw in most systems).
Okay, I did that. So how to I connect to it and transfer files?

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