ubuntu 12.04



i've heard this version will work on old computers but I'm sceptical as they always create versions thats resource monster. can anyone confirm to use that this will work on computers with just about 512 of RAM?

Give it a try, but don't start with Unity. Try it with LXDE, this have good chances to work. Else use the alternative installer of Ubuntu and run with Fluxbox.

You should take care about the background process of Ubuntu. There are a some you should disable to save resources.
Okay, i have Ubuntu 12.04 running on my system and to be honest it's not so resource friendly like it's older version. I'm sure you can have compiz disabled and run Ubuntu classic with GNOME and i've noticed that the resource usage is around 300-400 MB on 32 bit. I have a 4GB RAM system, but 400 MB is the notable usage on mine and i think you could run it.

As far as application usage and stuff, it would be a bit tight but you might do fine.
Ubuntu 12.04 automatically found and configured wireless card on my Fujitsu-Siemens laptop, which is Intel 3945 ABG. I can say the same about Realtek 8191SE, which is in my other laptop - Toshiba L500-19X.A click on Network Monitor icon on the top panel brought me a list of available wireless networks, including my own. It was an easy task for me to configure security and connect to the network.
You should still be able to use Xubuntu out of the box at 512 MB RAM. I love Xubuntu now. :)

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