Ubuntu server has power management enabled by default. This will resolve that.


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Jul 23, 2020
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I'm building my own router. I'm more or less done with the project and it's just for fun. It has resulted in a couple of articles, including this one:

Yeah, I have no idea why it'd be configured to sleep. I used the server image. Servers shouldn't go to sleep, at least not by default. No. No, they should not!

Anyhow, feedback is always appreciated.

Edit: By the way, this URL has long since been forwarded to this page:

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This was a really useful article. I had the same problem which was making my system unusable: I was going to get a paid Cononical subscription simply to fix this problem. Your answer was the only thing that worked. I also put it in a startup script so it would execute automatically.

Some background. I bought a high-end HP Server to run CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) problems on. This requires Linux and the problems can take a month to run. I am not an Ubuntu administrator- just a user who uses it to run programs.
Your answer was the only thing that worked.

Glad to hear it and that's one of my more popular pages. It's great that it has helped so many people.