Unable to connect to mobile hotspot


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Mar 19, 2020
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In my mobile phone the hotspot configuration is set to open. When I try to connect to my mobile hotspot from my kali linux device, it started the process of connecting but after some time it gave a notification "Network connection failed".

And, I am sure that the mobile hotspot configuration is okay.

At the same time when I tried to connect with my windows 10 pc it connects without any problem.

First question, does your Kali Linux connect to any other wifi source?

Second question is what is the chip in your wifi card or dongle? To answer that question properly, you will need to get some hardware specs from your computer. That is usually best done in a terminal by entering the command
inxi -Fxz
, exactly as shown. Then copy the results and paste in a reply box here.
Yes it connects fine to my father's phone.

Anoter point, this problem is for all oter linux distros that I use like Ubuntu.

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