Use debian netinst installer for armel devices that are not kirkwood or orion5x devices?


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Aug 7, 2023
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I'm working on a small laptop that has a WonderMedia WM8650 processor (armel) and as of right now, I have a working Linux kernel v4.14. So far I've been using this device thanks to the help of multistrap, that has the capability to create a bootable rootfs. The issue is that the preparation is done on another linux computer, and it does not have a user-friendly interface to choose what to install or what list of packages to install, instead you have to manually provide all that information to a .conf file.
I've looked a little bit on Debian's website for some guidance, but it seems like they do not provide a "standard" or "universal" ramdisk installer for armel, and add to that that I wasn't able to boot the ramdisk on the example. Also, the ISO does not seem to have any bootable partition. Is there any way that i can build an installer, doesn't matter if its a ramdisk or an iso.

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