Using Google Search to Find Software Can Be Risky

Actually you were right!
It was long time when I last time read debian docs, but right now I stumbled upon:

Backporting (recompiling and repackaging) is the only safe way to install packages from Debian Sid or Debian Testing on a Debian stable system. Do not install such packages without backporting. Attempting to "mix" releases, especially by updating your sources.list file, is a sure way to break your system.

It appears the only safe method to get new packages is by using backports
Thanks for pointing out, time to change my strategy!

There is no match for Password safe

Main benefits:
1. Auto type passwords, ex. right click on an entry in password manager and it auto types it into web browser form
Benefit is not only ease and speed of use but this way passwords bypass clipboard so that malware can't capture your passwords.

2. It's open source, and designed by a known person
3. Provides virtual keyboard, which is useful to make potential keyloggers unable to steal your passwords
Got it. Thanks

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