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Amen to that.

WHy I use linux.png
Rather than post big photos, I will post a description.

These days, I have reverted to solid color backgrounds mostly in the medium-dark blue and medium gray ranges. It helps me distinguish between privileged and non-privileged accounts on the same host and also between hosts. (Privileged/Admin - gray, non-privileged working account - blue.)

Before I switched to solid colors, I used images. I looked for images that make Desktop icons easy to see. Here are some of the images I used and may use again someday. You are on your own to search for them:
  • Many astronomy photos. That backlit view of Saturn taken by the Cassini orbiter is particularly good.
  • A Good Day in Harlem, 1958 - An amazing gathering of jazz musicians from the 1950s.
  • Solvey Conference, 1927 - An amazing gathering of physicists from the 1920s.
  • Studley Tool Chest, late 1800s - The workmanship is exceptional in every way.
  • Two "merged" images of Earth, spread like a map projection - One in daylight and one at night.
Good luck!
All of mine are self-made, so this means that the background by itself sometimes looks a bit odd. Each wallpaper is built to fit a specific Puppy.

Some share a common design, but with color/tinting/saturation modified. Some use an entirely custom layout, for that Puppy AND NO OTHER.

Like this one I've just built from one of the concept wallpapers for the upcoming Windows 12. My 'daily-driver', a 'lite' spin on BK's older Quirky64 April'7.0.1, has had the same look for more than 2½ years, so it was well overdue for a 'make-over':-

[Click to enlarge:-]

I showed it in the Desktop screenshots section a day or two ago, though the tint has been changed, and the saturation dialled down a bit (that purple was too "in-yer-face" for my liking..!)

Those panels - MY answer to 'docks' - all get populated with icon launchers, or sysinfo GUIs. The circle bottom-left is where my animated puppy endlessly romps across the screen. "NetSelect" and "GoogleMaps" are the positions for two animated GIF icons, which are coded to ACT as launchers; one launches a Chrome 'window', the other the multi-selector GUI for all my internet apps.

Mike. ;)

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