Was Lil' Wayne Responsible for the Death of Mainstream Rap Music?


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Jan 10, 2021
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Shortly before I left work tonight, I overheard the bar playing Lil' Wayne's Fireman "song" (I use that term loosely because his lyrics don't follow a specific topic, he just throws words together). Being that it came out when I was still in jr high, I don't necessarily feel old knowing it's now retro, but I cringe at it being retro, especially if it's somehow being played 50 years from now. Anyway, it seems like ever since he became prevalent (thanks to the record companies shilling his "music" out to all of the rap radio stations), a number of people seem to be copying his style IMO, and the only thing that makes the songs remotely relevant are the beats used. Because of that, now it seems like anyone who lazily throws words together can automatically become a "rapper". This is why if I'm in the mood for any modern but good rap, I'll listen to underground rappers like Immortal Technique.

I also think these record companies being ran by sleazy and greedy corporate bigwigs makes them also at fault. They don't care what's good or bad (granted, art is supposed to be personal and subjective) just as long as they can keep profiting off of the musician's work like a parasite.

Some of you might say that Tupac and Biggie being killed was the end of mainstream rap, but I can't comment on that because I was very little when that happened, and I didn't get into rap until jr high when the bus drivers were playing it on the radio.


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Dec 11, 2019
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I agree with you most of the rap/hip-hop now days seems to be have more turned into pop music with rhymes. I enjoyed the old school wrap music and what came after that more, I'm talking about Eminem, DMX, Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, Ja Rule, etc. I enjoyed both Tupac and Biggie, but there is rarely a rap song I can enjoy now days. I mostly listen to EDM now days. One of the only rap type song this year I have found awesome and and intriguing was "Montero" because it kicked the hornet's nest in the US.
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