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Sep 16, 2022
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I want a free webmail provider that will allow me to access to email from the terminal using a command line program like mutty or msmtp but apprently I can no longer access my gmail from the terminal since google has changed their security settings to no longer allow less secure app access.

I tried a work around through the Google Cloud but google's security made it to exhausting.

I wanted to know if anyone could help me find a free webmail provider that supports access the email from the terminal. Better yet if you are a great guy who would be willing to provide me an email address then that would be great.

All of the webmail providers I have found either want a premium membership or do not support client based email.

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I don't use mutt but I just did a search and it seems mutt also support oauth2 so that gives you quite a few options, also with your requirements I wouldn't expect to find anything free if Gmail stopped working with secure app access.
It's worth paying for a good email provider and I think Protonmail has a free option as well.

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