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I am having trouble downloading Linux Lite to a thumb drive. I am using a core2duo E4400 chip with 2Gig ram and 72Gig hard drive still using Win7 but hoping to format and replace with said Distro. I downloaded a program to install it (not Rufus the other one ) but cannot get the Distro onto my thumb drive. Will I have to download the Distro to my computer hard drive first and then on to the thumb drive? Can you purchase thumb drives with this stuff pre-loaded? Does the fact that I turned off Internet Explorer 11 in my Windows7 affect downloading to the E: removable drive? I am using Brave browser.


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1. You have downloaded the ISO file to your PC

2. Use rufus or Etcher, or unetbootin

Better still....READ this a few times until you get the gist



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g'day @Robbo303 and welcome :)

sounds like an aussie name - both brian above and i are aussies

just a note or two to the above -

1. brian's link will work for linux lite, just substitute where appropriate

2. go to getting started and post a new thread there, and paste your question if you wish


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