what is the best linux to use for Steam and Playing MineCraft?

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There isn't a single "best" Linux distro for everyone, as the ideal choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, I can recommend some strong contenders for Steam and Minecraft that cater to different tastes:


  • SteamOS: Officially developed by Valve for gaming PCs, SteamOS is a great starting point. It's lightweight, focuses solely on gaming, and comes pre-configured for Steam. However, it's not ideal for everyday tasks outside of gaming.
  • Pop!_OS: Based on Ubuntu, Pop!_OS offers a user-friendly interface and good hardware compatibility. It includes essential gaming tools like Steam and Lutris pre-installed.
  • Linux Mint: Another Ubuntu-based option, Mint provides a familiar desktop environment and excellent stability. It might require some manual setup for gaming compared to Pop!_OS.


  • Nobara Project: Built on Fedora, Nobara focuses on bleeding-edge hardware and software, prioritizing gaming performance. It includes optimizations for popular games and offers a good user experience for tech-savvy individuals.
  • Manjaro Gaming Edition: This Manjaro spin focuses on ease of use and performance for gamers. It comes pre-configured with gaming tools and drivers, but might lack the latest software compared to Nobara.
  • Drauger OS: Based on Ubuntu LTS, Drauger OS emphasizes low latency and high performance for gaming. It includes pre-configured tools and drivers for various platforms and controllers, making it convenient for serious gamers.

Other factors to consider:

  • Hardware compatibility: Ensure your hardware is compatible with the distro you choose. Check for driver availability and community support.
  • Ease of use: If you're new to Linux, opt for a beginner-friendly distro with good documentation and a helpful community.
  • Specific game requirements: Some games might have better compatibility with certain distros. Check compatibility information before making a decision.

Ultimately, the best way to find the perfect Linux distro for you is to try out a few options and see what feels best. Many distros offer live images you can boot without installation, allowing you to test them before committing.

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Hi. I want to know what is the best Linux operating system to use with Stream and playing Minecraft.
Arch for me ...

Steam runs sweet. You build it the way you want. Added, Proton GE, custom kernel, and the yay gaming pack. Downloads everything a Steam/Lutris/WINE gamer needs out the box.

I've tested 100s of Distros over the span of 15 years, I've been a Linux user. I like to Distro hop now n then on my various systems, having a potter around.

And this setup, I'm super happy with.

I stayed away from Arch for so many years, but it's not as painful as some say.

If this isn't the path for you, try Linux Mint, or Manjaro... or similar.

A really good site to visit is 'Chris Titus', on page 9 of his website is how to set up Linux Gaming for you... Covers Deb/Arch/Fedora based systems.

Hope this kinda helps.

All the best
Hi. I want to know what is the best Linux operating system to use with Stream and playing Minecraft.
an onboard hd 2500 graphics. 32mbs of dedicated memory.

but i dont really find for me that graphics are everything.
the cpu seems to handle it well for other gaming type things.
even though its in windows 10.
and when i get a ssd, it will speed it up even faster, even though the
computer seems to never slow down in windows 10,
but over time it will. and i want linux cause its supposed to be
less slow down in the long term.
i dont like windows 10. and i cant upgrade to windows 11.
sorry for the long and late reply.
I would recommend Linux Mint XFCE. It is simple, functional, and a popular distribution. You won’t encounter any issues when seeking documentation or community assistance. For playing Minecraft, you don’t need Steam because the official client has a native Linux version. Your Microsoft account with the associated license will work seamlessly on Linux.

As a begginer, consider any Debian-based distribution, and if not, Ubuntu-based is a solid choice. Additionally, be aware that graphical interfaces like Gnome and possibly Plasma might impact the performance of your Intel HD 2500. I recommend XFCE—it’s versatile, robust, stable, and functional.

Regarding gamepads, most of them are plug-and-play on Linux.

Generally, gaming performance on Linux distributions tends to be better due to their leaner nature compared to Windows.


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