What job can you have?



Let's say you're good in bash scripting that you can automate things in your system and can create complex scripts for its purpose. What job can you possibly have?

Only able to crate bash script will no give you are job. What you searching for is to be a administrator.
Probably, maybe in a hosting company :D I'm also aware of NFS and configuring LAMP. I know its not much, what other skills must an administrator have?
That is very different, the modern "Administrator" is more a or less a devop. He takes care about the deployment process of software. Also is it a very bride area. From Webadmin till Network Administartion is everything welcomed.

The nowadays admin has to be aware of everything! That means to know a lots but nothing to in deep. Sure it's a good deal to be just a sysadmin, but the jobs is changing. Cloud and Virtualization is the important knowledge you have to have. What the company's want to see is: I can do this! I have worked with it!.

But they also often far from the reality, they expect that you're 25 with 5-8 year of working experiences (at least in germany).

so far

PS: Germany is often different from the rest of the world, so i can't say how it's for your country.
Bash is only a very small part of hosting or scripting, I would take a look at studying more options before taking the plunge. I say this only because candidates that I know of have a broad range of skills Bash being one of the more basic configuration skills.

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