What you need to do when you move a website?




I need to move a web server from one machine to another (Linux servers) and I don't have too much experience in this area.

The problem I'm facing is that I have a server that I don't know too much about it (how it was configured) and I need to get the web site, with the php and sql db from it and drop it in a new machine.

Can someone advise how should I get this web site moved?
Or does someone has a procedure about moving a web site?

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I don't have any personal experience to help you, but here is an excellent article that seems to detail what you need to do. Or at least it should get you well on your way.

Thanks a lot mate! that's good stuff


Jul 8, 2017
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lower TTL values (to something like 600) in your source/old server DNS zone files (or within your web server control panel, dns section)

Prepare new server to have similar software as old one, but ofcourse better is when the software is latest stable versions, then find where you need to place your website data in order for website to show up when you enter http://yournewserverip/ , upload mysql database , e-mail accounts, cron jobs

then if website works on new server, you can login your domain registar control panel and get prepared to change nameserver IP

prepare last synchronization of the website files and mysql database between servers

stop mysql and http service on the old and new server

launch the synchronization of the files and mysql

change your nameservers IP to new server

start http and mysql at new server only
start http at old server and keep mysql stopped on old (to prevent people submit data on your old server, etc)

edit your website .htaccess file at old server and redirect visitors (whose ISP still cache old IP) to some informational page that website is under maintenance.

within 10 minutes probably majority of the people (Even returning visitors) should be able to access your site on new server. only downtime for the new visitors is a minute or two when you are last synchronizing website files/mysql between servers

increase TTL in DNS zones

maybe i forgot something
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Mike Hudson

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Jan 23, 2018
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You haven't mentioned which CMS you are using for your website. If that is Wordpress, moving a site will not be a problem for you. There are plenty of plugins available that you can use to move your website. Duplicator Plugin is one of the good plugins for moving your site. Here is a detailed tutorial for that
Hope this will help.
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