why is virtual box a box of rocks


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Jul 4, 2020
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i'm trying to do some virtualization because i'm a fancy Linux user like you all (how do you do, fellow Linux users, kernel, terminal, beibian am i right?) and i use virtual box to do so. of course, like any good Linux user, i actually prefer windows, and am running that on bare metal.

so i go to make a Linux box with 32bit mint. no biggie, just making it 32bit so i can use wine without yelling at 64bit Linux to pretend its 32bit. so i try to boot, and it fails. ok, so compatibility mode. i get the below message. ok, reboot. does not fix it. ok, lets try a new iso. still broken. ok, a different release. still broken, same response. at this point i have created 6 new vms all with names like new Linux test, newer Linux test, and why god why.

it is at this point that i remember this is how my Lubuntu vm behaved when i accidentally went into its settings and told Virtual box that the OS was 32bit and not 64 bit. i try making a new vm, and lying to Virtual box telling it that the OS is 64bit, instead of 32.

it works.

does anyone know why this is? or at least, please come make fun of the program with me.


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the trouble with virtual box is that it brings back memories of frustration and general angst with then installing homestead just to get laravel up and running by developers that are so supposed to be oh so clever and yet you have to jump through hoops to even see the landing page. With virtual box and deps taking up room and with advances with live boot and persistence of live OS via .img and I can now have several distro iso on one stick why bother with Virtual box, thats just my born and bred near Yorkshire philosophy

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