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Jan 14, 2021
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So this one's definitely not right. When I boot my pc, everything works fine for a bit then the wifi dies when everything else connected to the network works fine and when I go into settings, it says I'm connected but the wifi icon has a ? in it and I can't do anything. My radio on my board is fine because Bluetooth still works normal and I can still connect to other networks, but it then dies and won't let me on the internet. What's going wrong and is this something I can fix?
EDIT; Thanks for trying to help guys, but turns out it was just my pc dieing. I can't even POST now. May she never be forgotten.
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First we need to know which Linux OS you are using and paste back the output on
inxi -Fxz

If you are using Ubuntu go to Settings-Privacy-Connectivity Checking and turn it off then restart your WiFi, If you are using 5GHz try switching to 2.4 - walls and furniture affect 5GHz more then 2.4
The spec's and age of your pc and what wifi card you have will help us too.

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