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Wine reinstallation force me to deinstall ubuntu-desktop

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Some people here will find that offensive.
Perhaps, you could address the comment I made to you without wandering off......it is appropriately called digressing.

Would you agree, that some here would find your words offensive ?

'Stupid' is an offensive term when referring to people attempting to help you.

@Gloster I am locking this Thread for the time being.

As for

You will get the Info, April/May.

I, and likely we, are aware of the time for a new LTS from Ubuntu.

By that time, you may not find anyone who wishes to help you.

Lose the attitude between times.

I am allowing you a degree of latitude because English is not your first language.

If you wish the topic reopened in the meantime, you can converse with me, and then once the thread is open, make an apology for your comments.

If not, you can look for another Forum.

You came to us, not the other way around.

Chris Turner
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