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I want to show you something.
Since I use Linux, starting with ubuntu, in every distro and de I used there was always this systeminfo program, which jsut shows genral and important system information. One day I came across xfce and started to use it a lot, but it didn't had this info-feature, i was used to.
So I decided to write my own.
It is called xfce4-sysinfo and is on github https://github.com/lxgr-linux/xfce4-sysinfo and in the AUR aur.archlinux.org/xfce4-sysinfo .
It is written in bash using the gtkdialog tool and zenity.
Some features just work on arch/archbased systems, but some may work on other systems.
It also shows up in the xfce-settings menu.
I tested it on arch and manjaro

Please test it out and give me some feedback
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