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Dec 12, 2018
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I have installed xRDP on a 22.04.4 LTS Dekstop system and changed the configuration as follows:

(to enable IPv4, as previously only IPv6 was listened to)
See here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67566142/does-xrdp-0-9-5-only-support-ipv6-and-not-ipv4

The service starts cleanly and without error messages. As soon as I start the connection from a Windows10 system via RDP, I also get the corresponding xRDP window with the input mask. However, when I enter and confirm the login, the RDP session closes again immediately.

I have already released port 1234 in the Windows firewall - unfortunately without success.
I can see some error messages in the log, but I am not sure how relevant they are due to various statements in different forums:

[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Socket 12: AF_INET connection received from port 49471
[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Using default X.509 certificate: /etc/xrdp/cert.pem
[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Using default X.509 key file: /etc/xrdp/key.pem
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] Cannot read private key file /etc/xrdp/key.pem: Permission denied
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] libxrdp_force_read: header read error
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] Processing [ITU-T T.125] Connect-Initial failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] [MCS Connection Sequence] receive connection request failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] xrdp_sec_incoming: xrdp_mcs_incoming failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Socket 12: AF_INET connection received from port 49472
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] xrdp_rdp_incoming: xrdp_sec_incoming failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Using default X.509 certificate: /etc/xrdp/cert.pem
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] xrdp_process_main_loop: libxrdp_process_incoming failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] xrdp_iso_send: trans_write_copy_s failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Using default X.509 key file: /etc/xrdp/key.pem
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] Cannot read private key file /etc/xrdp/key.pem: Permission denied
[20240409-10:30:18] [ERROR] Sending [ITU T.125] DisconnectProviderUltimatum failed
[20240409-10:30:18] [INFO ] Connected client computer name: DESKTOP-MO0D0AR
[20240409-10:30:18] [WARN ] Received [MS-RDPBCGR] TS_UD_HEADER type 0xc006 is unknown (ignored)
[20240409-10:30:18] [WARN ] Received [MS-RDPBCGR] TS_UD_HEADER type 0xc00a is unknown (ignored)
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] xrdp_load_keyboard_layout: Keyboard information sent by the RDP client, keyboard_type:[0x04], keyboard_subtype:[0x00], keylayout:[0x00000407]
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] xrdp_load_keyboard_layout: model [] variant [] layout [de] options []
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] Non-TLS connection established from port 49472: encrypted with standard RDP security
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] xrdp_caps_process_pointer: client supports new(color) cursor
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] xrdp_process_offscreen_bmpcache: support level 1 cache size 10485760 MB cache entries 100
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] xrdp_caps_process_codecs: nscodec, codec id 1, properties len 3
[20240409-10:30:19] [WARN ] xrdp_caps_process_codecs: unknown codec id 5
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] xrdp_caps_process_codecs: RemoteFX, codec id 3, properties len 49
[20240409-10:30:19] [INFO ] Loading keymap file /etc/xrdp/km-00000407.ini
[20240409-10:30:19] [WARN ] local keymap file for 0x00000407 found and doesn't match built in keymap, using local keymap file
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] connecting to sesman ip port 3350
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] xrdp_wm_log_msg: sesman connect ok
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] sesman connect ok
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] sending login info to session manager, please wait...
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] xrdp_wm_log_msg: login successful for display 10
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] login successful for display 10
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] loaded module 'libxup.so' ok, interface size 10296, version 4
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] started connecting
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] lib_mod_connect: connecting via UNIX socket
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] lib_mod_log_peer: xrdp_pid=1855 connected to X11rdp_pid=1892 X11rdp_uid=1000 X11rdp_gid=1000 client_ip= client_port=49472
[20240409-10:30:24] [INFO ] connected ok

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