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  • Like a crow chasing shiny objects I updated to ubuntu 22.04. In doing that I went down several rabbit holes. The over aggressive OOM service that was crashing things for me at random. Got that disabled. Then found I could not get jupyter labs to launch. Finally figuring out it was the way firefox was installed. I will not upgrade anything else into that mess. New is not always better.... ugh...
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    Ubuntu 22.04 has its 'problems'.....thankfully the majority of them did not transfer to Linux mint 21, ....Including OOM. .Good work from the mint team saw to that.
    Jupyter is also available in the Linux Mint Software Manager.
    After fighting an OTP issue today I was reminded of something I learned years ago. Just because you are using NTP does not mean you can assume that your system clock will be correct. Since I made an assumption that time had to be correct I spent a couple hours trying fix everything else that wasn't broken....
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