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    Usernames with spaces unable to login to Ubuntu machine joined to Windows AD domain

    We are having an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (server) machine which has been connected to the Windows AD domain. The machine is able to fetch the list of all users in the AD domain using 'getent passwd' command, and our hosts file is configured as below: localhost OurDomainName (our...
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    Active Directory sync by OpenLDAP

    Hi everyone :) I ask you for advice or feedback. We now have a functional OpenLDAP for our Linux world. For the Windows world, it is a Samba domain. We would like to create a Windows Domain and an Active Directory. This Active Directory will have to be populated and synchronized by our...
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    Linux Microsoft Group Managed Service Account Support

    I want to limit/ remove Active Directory service accounts created for automation between Windows and Linux Servers. Microsoft Servers that are members of a Active Directory forest are moving over to use Group Managed Service Accounts to replace the Active Directory user account/ password that...
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    Integrate Ubuntu with Windows Active Directory

    Hello, The profiles of the computers need to be provided by the Linux server, we have to make sure that is linked with the Active Directory of the Windows server. And the home folders of the users are supposed to be supplied by the Windows server. Can anyone tell me what i need for this, or if...
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    Mapping network drives in Ubuntu from Windows domain (script)

    Goodnight, First of all, inform you that I am the most novice level that there is in Linux, I am starting in this world, and I am trying to perform a task. After getting to put a Linux machine in a domain with Active Directory in Windows, I get to map the network units manually, however, my...