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boot problem

  1. imerualfonzo

    Ubuntu can’t boot: Dev loopX: unable to read RDB block8

    Every time I boot my PC... After I enter another F2 terminal I can log in text mode, but the graphic mode does not start, I uninstalled SNAPD and it only gave me the error of the first line, the second, "Dev loop15..." disappeared, but the system still does not boot in graphical mode. I have a...
  2. R

    Can't boot any distro from usb

    I am kindda new to all of this so ask for more info if needed. When I try to install parrot from my usb I go trough graphical install and after that it just blackscreens and it doesn't accept any keyboard input, it is just frozen (kali, backbox, ubuntu, all the same story) I tried with and...
  3. D

    No linux os will install, Help!

    im having issues installing any linux distrobutions at all. ive tried pop os (twice) mint (5 times maybe more) manjaro (once) i have no idea where to go to countinue troubleshooting, might be driver problems? but im unsure of how to fix it. my specs are: i3-10105f 16gb g.skill 3000mhz ram msi...
  4. L

    Kali / Windows : GRUB Problem

    Hello, I have a DELL laptop running with Windows. I wanted to install Kali Linux 2020 on an external hard-drive. To make the installation, I did it through the laptop, with a USB bootable key with Kali LINUX installer and the hard drive. The Installation went well, and now, when I plug my hard...
  5. W

    Linux Mint and Kali Linux taking so long to boot

    I already had Linux Mint and I installed Kali Linux, everything seemed normal but when i restarted the pc, I realised that both of them were taking 3 minutes to boot while before It were 5 seconds. Using systemd-analyze time i saw that the userspace was taking 3 minutes, and I "solved"...
  6. Y

    Boot problems with Ubuntu - boot hangs

    Ubuntu hangs during boot. I am using an HP 14-CF1 laptop currently running windows 10. I have a 100GB partition unallocated on NVMe SSD waiting for ubuntu install and 8 gigs of RAM. Fastboot and secureboot are both disabled. UEFI bios. I have a USB stick with 18.04 created with Rufus using MBR...
  7. A

    Help with Booting time

    I had installed Pop OS in my laptop (dual booted with Windows). However the booting took too long and I decided to reinstall Pop OS. Even now it takes a long time. I have attached a screenshot of the "systemd-analyze blame" command output. Please tell me how I can improve it. (I have an 8GB Ram...
  8. A

    Boot screen freezes, no help with google.com so far

    Hi guys, I've been using Linux for a while and recently bought a new laptop. So the thing is that my new laptop has a Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q secondary graphic card. So I faced exactly the same issue with both Parrot OS and Kali Linux. I will start with Parrot OS. I would like to add that both...