1. H

    Solved Use DoT/DoH but keep UDP Port 53 free on Debian

    Hi there, I would like to host a Debian mail server, where additionally an OpenVPN server instance is listening on UDP Port 53. The server itself should use DoH if possible, else DoT. I can not get it to work however. I tried using resolved, but without avail. Can someone point me in the right...
  2. B

    Solved [SOLVED] [DNS] DIG can't resolve but HOST and NSLOOKUP can

    Hi! I have set up a bind9 local DNS with rescursion turned off. From the DNS server, if I query google.es using DIG it returns: ;; WARNING: recursion requested but not available However, if I use HOST, it works: google.es has address Same happens with NSLOOKUP nslookup...
  3. U

    strange DNS requests

    Hi, I did a fresh install of Debian gnome shell with default settings, but I notice that the system makes daily DNS requests for two domains, Example.com and IPv4only.arpa, the most strange was a DNS application for the domain web.telegram.com, I have no Telegram client installed and I was not...
  4. G

    DNS Client Configuration for Oracle Server 8 and Ubuntu

    Hello :) I would like to know what is the recommended approach for configuring the DNS client on Oracle Server 8 and Ubuntu Server? thank u
  5. vs2-free-users

    Free Subdomain provider for my vs2-free

    Hi, i want to mirror two spins of LMDE and Ubuntu on my vs2-free but for this i need a letsencrypt cert and for this i need a full editable subdomain. Did anybody knows a free provider for free subdomains ?
  6. N

    UDP 53

    Hello, I have a small issue. I have a virtual server with Ubuntu Server 20.04.6, and I've installed a DNS server on it. However, it doesn't respond on UDP port 53. It only responds if I use the command "dig @109.XXX.3.X thenarbox.com +vc." Of course, I'm running the command from a different...
  7. B

    Bind9 DNS "partially" working

    Hi, I have an strange issue with bind9 which I can't solve. I have defined my own and local domain, domain.local. In the forward resolution file I have the following entries: domain.local. IN A www IN CNAME domain.local. nslookup resolves domain.local and...
  8. L

    DNS configuration using bind9

    Hello, I am currently encountering DNS configuration issues with bind9. I have installed bind9 and made the following adjustments to the configuration files: In the "named.conf.options" file, I added a new access control list block for my trusted clients, like this: acl "trusted" {...
  9. T

    Blocking Apple DNS

    I want to block Apple services on Apple devices, primarily APNS (Apple Push Notification Service). My plan was as follows: Use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Squid Proxy and Adguard in Docker. This way, I can simply go to the Wi-Fi settings on my iPad, configure the proxy and DNS. Up...
  10. F


    I'm having an issue with my Linux machine, i can connect to my phone hotspot but can't ping any nameserver or Google, please i need help.
  11. B

    Solved Browser reaches web by domain name but not by IP

    Hi everyone. I have a doubt. If I point my browser to an specific web (let's say facebook.com), it works. So far so good. Now I try to resolve its IP by command line with dig or host commands. dig returns the following: facebook.com. 300 IN A Now, if I point my...
  12. deminart

    Solved Mail does not go to an external address

    Good day everyone. Tell me please. my recent post In short, the mail was not sent to external mail, because. internal domain with the same name. I was advised to make a transport card. nano /etc/postfix/transport_map yagroup.com smtp:[mx.yandex.com] postmap /etc/postfix/transport_map systemctl...
  13. deminart

    Solved Mail does not go to an external address

    I apologize in advance for my language, it is not native) Colleagues, please help with the problem. There is a domain mail on Yandex, conventionally denoted by the name yagroup.com With the same name yagroup.com internal domain. Raised the mail server Debian 11, postfix 3.5.18 at the second...
  14. B

    Solved Weird DNS resolution

    Hi! I made a mistake writing an URL, and instead of writing domain.org, i typed domain.es. My browser pointed to my localhost, showing the Apache welcome page, since I have apache2 installed. If I run dig or nslookup to domain.es, I get: ;; ANSWER SECTION: domain.es. 7056 IN A...
  15. B

    Solved DNS Server does not match in 2 different ways

    Hi. I'm trying to find out which DNS I'm querying. With dig: ;; SERVER: cat /etc/resolv.conf nameserver However, if I go to my settings, or I run resolvectl status , I get Which one is correct and why am I getting 2 different results...
  16. Terminal Velocity

    How to setup Quad9 DNS on Linux

    I saw this video below today about a DNS middleman and I want to use it on my Debian Cinnamon, but they don't have a guide for Linux on their website (only for Windows and MAC). I use USB dongle router for wireless broadband connection. Any help will be appreciated https://www.quad9.net/
  17. S

    Resolution DNS domian with CNAME

    Hi everyone I did a probe to resolve my entire domian "@" with a cname to another fqdn but I got a message error. As alternative i created a type Cname with "www" without errors, someone did that configuration? Thanks for you advice
  18. S

    DNS load-balancing

    Hi everyone I am in an implementation of a network service, but I got the query if it is possible to do some kind of balancing in the Bind Linux DNS server. Stage Guest endpoint will communicate via wireless to a captive portal to login, this login page is provided by a server with IP example...
  19. W

    Why Does DNS Policy Only Work Every "Other" Time we Test on Linux Machines?

    I created a DNS policy (using the add-dnsserverqueryresolutionpolicy {Powershell cmdlet). This policy enforces an "ignore" any time a resource in subdomain/zone scope B tries to resolve the ip address of a resource located in subdomain/zone scope A. My problem is that the "ignore" only seems...
  20. A

    DNS parent and child zones - which are required

    Hello, i wanted to ask which DNS "zones" are needed to be adjusted in order to change IP of the domain.com hosting? by change i mean so the nameservers the domain is using ns1.nsdomain.com ns2.nsdomain.com will properly resolve to a new IP. level 1: domain (nsdomain.com) registar allows...