1. Seaner992

    Dnsmasq + Nginx = Detailed Block Page

    I would like dnsmasq / nginx (doesn't have to be nginx) to direct blocked domains to a basic page showing the reason a domain was blocked. Just a single word is good enough. I have Dnamsq setup like below. I have 26 categories all together. When I watch the log file it tells me /etc/block/ads...
  2. P

    DNS system - Nameservers vs A record. Can use any of these two to change my hosting?

    Hello, when on my domain i am using nameservers of the provider 1 and in the hosting control panel of the provider 1 in DNS section i set A record to point to a IP address of the hosting provider 2, is there any issue with this way of setup or it will just work? How it will work? Will it add...
  3. blackneos940

    How To Reconnect My Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server To The Internet When I Can Still Access It Locally?

    Hey guys!..... :3 I'm back with another problem..... One I think could be a help to others..... :3 So anywho, this all happened after I installed Pihole, Apache2, PHP, mySQL, and everything else needed to turn my Server into a Web Server..... :) These are the things I have tried to...
  4. ChinaMartin

    DNS works for ping and nslookup but wget/curl/dig failed always

    Waiting for help, My machine is running Linux Cent OS 7.4, however, i found that DNS works for ping and nslookup but wget/curl/dig failed always. I am sure DNS server is okay. when issuing commands like wget/curl/dig, there's DNS request for URL, but DNS always failed to response. ping and...
  5. U

    Name servers dont stick

    Hi. First off i'm not close to proficient in anything linux. However I can follow directions, the reason I am interested in pen testing is to possibly find any issues with software deploys prior to calling in a pen tester. A professional will always be used but it would be nice to find obvious...
  6. K

    Implementing Dns server

    Hi, What modules do you recommend in linux for a DNS server that uses a graphical panel for register a record(such as CloudFlare) and use database (for example, MySQL) instead of zone File?
  7. Cera

    Website Server from Home

    I would like to start by saying: I'm really new to Linux (I actually have a thread on Getting Started too) and server management and mostly have been stumbling around trying to set this up based off of various step-by-step guides. I may use terms incorrectly in several areas so if I say...
  8. M

    Ubuntu DNS bind9 problems

    Hi guys, I installed bind9 on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine. But I've problems with resolving local domains. Extern like google.com works fine. Here are my configuraton files and troubleshoots i've made. Forward: $TTL 2D @ IN SOA localhost.mancina.home. root.mancina.home. (...
  9. M

    Configure Proxy settings in command line in CentOS6

    I have configure settings in /etc/profile and configure DNS on /etc/resolv.conf by adding google DNS But still I couldn't resolve the google DNS. ping send reply packets as well I need to configure proxy settings using command line only. Plz help me, if any body setup this...
  10. R

    /etc/resolv.conf does not save changes!! PLS HELP ASAP!!

    Yea my /etc/resolv.conf DOES NOT save changes made manually. I have tried to do sudo chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf but the output is chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /etc/resolv.conf The thing I want to do is to prevent DNS leaks by adding DNS servers there. I am running Kali...