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  1. CataclysmicGentleman

    best space sim/RTS: I love starsector and it runs on linux

    best space game i have ever played. SERIOUSLY i passed the whole game and im still playing.
  2. S

    Cant figure out how to open and play this file

    I downloaded a game from itch.io and its the linux version but i can not figure out how to open it. the game is helltaker and the file is helltaker_lnx.zip if anybody knows how to i would really appreciate it. Aso i am on chromebook so not 100% sure if it works on here or not.
  3. tinfoil-hat

    Starting Lutris wine App causes Display to go dark

    Hi, if I start A Lutris Game (Battlenet Launcher) Both of my Monitors go dark and the 2nd Diskplay get's turned out in Cinnamon settings. My Main Desktop flickers, but comes back. After this, I am able to manually turn on the 2nd screen in cinnamon settings again. But I'd be more than happy if...
  4. F

    Use phone as gamepad

    Can anybody please tell me about any software which can make my android phone a gamepad for linux mint, like droidjoy is available on windows only. Please help.
  5. kibasnowpaw

    is there anyone that know what is going on.

    I had no problem two days ago on this pc. I have been playing 7 Days to Die with no problem at a friend's place for the last two days. I came home and started the game up. I can get into the server, and I'm there and can go around and play, but as you can see, I can't see anything. I have tried...
  6. B

    What makes a program being 'installed'

    Hello! I want to make an installer for my game so that the game is recognised as 'installed' on the system. Just like the GOG games installers. For that I need to know where to copy what files. I know that the actual files of a program go generally in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. The user files...
  7. T

    I Can't Figure out how to open and play this linux file

    I have this game I downloaded from itch.io, and it is the linux version, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to play it on my computer. I am on chromebook, and what I have is Linux(Beta). The file is too large to attach onto this, but the name of the file is...
  8. bodeplot

    Nighthawk 4.0 arcade game now released (Open source, Supports Linux, OS/X)

    All, I'm pleased to announce that the Nighthawk 4.0 arcade game (a restored open source Linux game from the 90s) is available at the following web page: http://www.bluebarorange.ooguy.com/~...nighthawk.html For those that don't want to deal with building source code, there is a Debian package...
  9. C

    Suggested Linux Games

    I have been using linux for about 10 years now, and I have tried a variety of distros (including Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Linux Mint, Fedora, and CentOS to name a few). Right now I am running Debian 9.9 (64 bit). I have been teaching myself music production, CGI/animation, and video production for...