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  1. I

    Solved Need help reclaiming/reformatting 2TB HDD

  2. 13egliB

    How can i install Linux on a Lenovo tb3-710f device?

    So I have this old Lenovo tb3-710f tablet computer that doesn't work correctly with the stock Android os. I want to install any kind of Linux touch os but I couldn't find any documentation on it. Could you help me out? Sorry for bad English.
  3. A

    Pls help getting update error

    I have installed kali Linux or nethunter in termux. After watching video how to install it i finally installed it. Now I'm whenever run apt update or sudo apt update command I'm getting this error: Temporary failure resolving 'http.kali.org' Err:2 http://http.kali.org/kali kali-bleeding-edge...
  4. D

    Solved help me!!! my linux is down

    I just install kde desktop on linux mint then I try to run it but fail sao I delete kde and then I remove "Lightdm" then my computer shutdown i try to turn it on but fail Note:i have a snapshot,can i use it to restore
  5. A

    Errors when trying to start linux

    When I try to boot into linux from grub I get a couple lines "error: command failed" followed by "error: you need to load the kernel first" at the end. It boots normally after a couple of reboots and than works without any problems. I dualboot windows 11 and linux. I tried multiple distros but I...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] USB controllers breaking.

    I have recently started installing Arco-Linux. this first real experience with GNU/Linux outside of virtual machines (in Virtual Machines everything worked, and still works fine), and I am stuck on burning the ISO file to a USB stick. Every time the burning finishes it fails and my USB...
  7. ghosty999

    Solved Constant Freezing Forcing me back to Windows

    I'm at a total loss... I purchased a Dell Latitude 7390 to dual boot Windows and Mint as I usually do. I go do the usual BIOS things like turn off fast boot, safe boot, C-state, RAID etc I then grab an ISO, do checksum verification, burn ISO via Rufus to a 32gb stick. Once installed, I boot into...
  8. S

    I haven't accidentally deleted windows, so why can i no longer boot to it?

    I installed pop os recently and it works but i no longer have the option to boot back to Linux in bios. The boot partition is still there but it doesnt show up in my boot order. I've downloaded linux in another computer before and i didnt have this problem. I think it may have to do something...
  9. E

    Why is it not showing!?

    I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu Jammy Jelly Fish, Gnome version 42, excited to see the new accent colour feature. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to show the option to change accent colour. I would highly appreciate it if anybody can help me fix this problem asap.
  10. T

    help: updating and software center

    when i try command for update, there are a lot of errors that i dont get and when i launch software center and i type something in, its stuck on loading, how do i fix this? i started using linux today
  11. K

    having amd gpu performance issues on arch and maybe debian (still testing)

    GPU: Rx 560 4gb DE: KDE PLASMA Tell me if you need anything else Hi, I'm using arch linux, built from the official iso. I installed the xf86-video-amdgpu driver and xorg which also installs mesa. For this post ill use Overwatch as an example even though i have noticed similar results on...
  12. X

    Need help

    So i was changing from gdm to lightdm using systemctl, I have done this before multiple times but not on gnome so I did not realize gnome needs gdm for its lock screen, so I was changing again from lightdm back to gdm, I did change it but accidentally I didn't realize I accidentally pressed tab...
  13. P

    Anyone know what linux distro this is?

    Been trying to find out what distro this is but can't find it I would appreciate if someone helped me out
  14. A

    Hello my friends I have general questions I wish I get helpful answers or advices

    I know it's stupid questions but forgive me guys But after using win11 since dev version I don't feel comfortable with it idk I just don't like it and my laptop meet all requirements... To be honest it's good and more smooth for my laptop but it's ugly and chaotic made me feel it's more like...
  15. Elwetratch

    Linux on a USB-Stick

    Hello I am looking for a program where I can download Linux on my USB stick, but on the other hand I leave no traces on the foreign computer, it starts again as before after removing the stick.
  16. T

    Troubleshooting question ‍♂️

    Hello, I recently switched to Linux and think I may have done it incorrectly. I downloaded Oracle VM Virtualbox on my windows 10 Laptop. I then downloaded Linux 19.3 as well as the USB preference in VM set to an external 3.0 2TB USB HHD where I then set up the virtual Linux machine. I then went...
  17. N

    Grub Rescue

    I did "dual boot" with the "Windows 7" and "Ubuntu Linux" systems and then my family member entered Windows 7 and deleted the partition on the disk where Windows 7 was installed ..... then yesterday I turned on the PC and appeared "No such partition Grub Rescue> " I investigated in several...
  18. K


    Hello everyone, I am thinking of installing linux on my computer. Do you think my computer is suitable for this? Windows 7 nihai 64 bit SP 1 Intel core i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz, 4,0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000
  19. O

    Hardware / Software compatibility Issue?

    Hello fellow Linux users! Recently I have made the switch or rather tried to switch from Windows to Linux which sort of has gone fine? Anyway ive been having some issues with my monitor or rather my PC (i'm not sure still trying to pinpoint the issue) but basically whenever I duel boot I can...