1. Elwetratch

    Linux on a USB-Stick

    Hello I am looking for a program where I can download Linux on my USB stick, but on the other hand I leave no traces on the foreign computer, it starts again as before after removing the stick.
  2. T

    Troubleshooting question ‍♂️

    Hello, I recently switched to Linux and think I may have done it incorrectly. I downloaded Oracle VM Virtualbox on my windows 10 Laptop. I then downloaded Linux 19.3 as well as the USB preference in VM set to an external 3.0 2TB USB HHD where I then set up the virtual Linux machine. I then went...
  3. N

    Grub Rescue

    I did "dual boot" with the "Windows 7" and "Ubuntu Linux" systems and then my family member entered Windows 7 and deleted the partition on the disk where Windows 7 was installed ..... then yesterday I turned on the PC and appeared "No such partition Grub Rescue> " I investigated in several...
  4. K


    Hello everyone, I am thinking of installing linux on my computer. Do you think my computer is suitable for this? Windows 7 nihai 64 bit SP 1 Intel core i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz, 4,0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000
  5. O

    Hardware / Software compatibility Issue?

    Hello fellow Linux users! Recently I have made the switch or rather tried to switch from Windows to Linux which sort of has gone fine? Anyway ive been having some issues with my monitor or rather my PC (i'm not sure still trying to pinpoint the issue) but basically whenever I duel boot I can...
  6. Smoked4Sure

    Do you want to continue [Y/n]

    I've always wanted to learn Linux and I decided to take my first shot with Kali Linux so I downloaded nethunter and termux on my Android without rooting it and entered the First Command pkg install wget wget -O install-nethunter-termux https://offs.ec/2MceZWr chmod +x install-nethunter-termux...
  7. B

    Problem with handler on Termux

    Hello! I had an error loading handler. Here's what it looks like: msf5> use exploit / milti / handler [-] No results from search [-] Failed to load module: exploit / milti / handler msf5>, here is another screenshot: If what I'm working in the Termux program, can someone help me with this?
  8. H


    Dear linuxers :D, I am using windows and want to switch to linux But the problem is whick distro to use. I have a very poor PC: CPU : Intel atom d410 1.66 GHz RAM: 1 GB DDR2 VGA: Intel graphic media accelerater 3150 256 mb HDD: 256 GB I want a lightweight distro that can run on above specs...
  9. H

    I'm getting this following error wlan0

    using: airmon-ng start wlan0 Above iwconfig shows that there exists wlan0 I have kali installed on termux shell