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    I'm using autoSSH to connect to an Amazon ec2 server. I need to automatically reconnect to the server if the SSH connection is lost for a few seconds. I need the system to know that it has lost the SSH connection and then re-establish the connection to the server. In some cases, the Ethernet...
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    IOT over 4G/LTE using Raspberry pi

    I am using a Raspberry pi for an IOT project. The Raspberry connects to an Amazon ec2 server over SSH. The connection uses a 4G/LTE USB "dongle". I can get the connection made (using wvdial, pppd and autoSSH) - so that all works, but my issue is - sometimes the 4G connection drops, and I...
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    Replace KVM bridge with openvswitch for multiple vlan configuration in KVM host.

    I would like to replace my existing KVM bridge setup with Openvswitch, as we are facing performance issue when there is heavy traffic on the server. My existing KVM setup consisting of multiple KVM Host servers with Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. On each host machine we have two NICS example eth0 and...
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    Open Vswitch and manipulating added ports

    I wanted to set up OVS to support a couple of interfaces belonging to an IPS VM. First, I'm only just learning about OVS so please forgive any dumb questions I might submit due to my not understanding how this software behaves. I have in the past brought up a libvirt based VM and bridged a...
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    lubuntu 16.10 won't recognize wifi, hardwired internet not available

    I just installed lubuntu 16.10, replacing the previous Ubuntu 16.04 installation (which in turn replaced Windows XP). I'm running a Gateway MA3 with an AMD Turion 64 CPU @ 2GHz, and 1GB of DDR2 RAM. My NIC is a Broadcom BCM 4311 802.11b/g WLAN (14e4:4311). With my previous Ubuntu installation...
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    hello everyone

    hello everyone
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    hey everyone

    hey everyone i'm Poalo