1. K

    Troubleshooting tool security - BrosTrend wifi adapter

    Hi, I'm fairly new to linux and don't know much about network security. I bought a wifi adapter trying to improve my raspberry pi 3B+ wifi signal and ran into some troubles. I contacted BrosTrend to help me fix the issues and they asked me to run their troubleshooting procedure and send them a...
  2. A

    small scale framework to work instead of using linux kernel

    I need to modify networking layers in Linux kernel. As you know, there are a lot of codes in "net" directory, most of them similar to IPv6, bluetooth, etc. do not use in my system. I have several questions: 1- Is it possible to reduce/delete the code in the net directory that they are not used...
  3. E

    Changing routing rules if destination of port forwarding rule is not available.

    Hello, I am currently using iptables on my raspberry pi to reroute publicly available port 8000 to a server. The server as well as the pi are running ssh on this port. So normally I connect to the server with ssh via the pi on port 8000, though as the server has a slight downtime sometimes as a...
  4. N

    UDP 53

    Hello, I have a small issue. I have a virtual server with Ubuntu Server 20.04.6, and I've installed a DNS server on it. However, it doesn't respond on UDP port 53. It only responds if I use the command "dig @109.XXX.3.X +vc." Of course, I'm running the command from a different...
  5. S

    AC56 driver

    For anyone looking to get Asus AC56 wifi adaptor working on Debian derivatives, I found this driver install works seamlessly: I have not tried on Arch.
  6. S

    Raw socket programming in linux

    Hi there, im working on raw sockets in c, I have a char buffer with a multiple raw ethernet packets, received from a raw socket (Interface : eth1). Now i want to send the those packets over other raw socket(Interface : eth2 ), if i try to send those packets through the send() call he is...
  7. T

    Need help setting up IPv6 with Kali Linux in VirtualBox

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little help in configuring my Kali Linux VM or resolving an issue I am having with setting it up with IPv6. I have IPv6 on my host machine and can ping the internet, e.g., Google (2001:4860:4860::8888), so I know it should work but despite having an IPv6 assigned to the...
  8. B

    Solved ip - ifconfig - netplan - interfaces file

    Hi! I'm struggling to configure a quite simple network using Debian. I can't see the difference between using the following commands to set the networking parameters. ip ifconfig netplan /etc/network/interfaces file When to use one or another? Why so many tools for the same purpose? Does any...
  9. F


    I'm having an issue with my Linux machine, i can connect to my phone hotspot but can't ping any nameserver or Google, please i need help.
  10. W

    How do I create a VPN Gateway on my local network for other devices to use?

    Hi there, I am running the latest Debian and am a novice user, but here is what I am trying to accomplish: - Debian installation running on connected to NordVPN account (done) - Point other devices, especially 'dumb' ones with no VPN clients but accept manual IP configuration, to...
  11. N

    I accidentally messed up the networking service, network manager in ubuntu 22.04 for rtw_8822ce

    I accidentally messed up the networkin service, network manager. The driver rtw_8822ce is problematic in dual boot. So I somehow broke the thing. And now in the start up the wifi isn't getting enabled. Somehow I messed stuff that made my bootup very very long. So I undid everything erased and...
  12. Atheist

    Wired networking down. Fedora 37. [SOLVED]

    I could really use some help in figuring out what I did to kill my wired connection. With the ethernet cable connected to port enp11s0 I get: 1) nmcli d ==> "device enp11s0, state connected, connection: wired connection". 2) nmcli connection up uuid xxx ==> "connection successfully activated"...
  13. A

    Slow WIfi Speed

    I am using Kubuntu 20.04 as my daily driver on Thinkpad L430 One of the most major issues I faced is of wireless connectivity. Wifi would work very slow sometimes It wouldn't even load a html page I thought it is a problem of driver and it was true as many users faced the same. But there were no...
  14. S

    Cannot connect to Wi-Fi on Kali Linux

    Hello! I am posting this thread because I am curious if anyone has experienced or is currently experiencing the same issue as I am. I downloaded the Kali Linux live USB image from on my Intel MacBook Pro. I can browse the internet perfectly fine on my main operating system (macOS), so I...
  15. S

    remotely accessing my computer from my android wirelessly

    Hello world, I need to make a connection to my Linux Mint laptop from my Android however because of where I work I do not have fixed Wi-Fi routers or cell phone signal I need the connection to be able to: To remotely control the laptop with GUI Sync files to the laptop such as backups View...
  16. N

    networking.service active failed

    I am using Kali Linux. My NetworkManager is enabled. But randomly my NetworkManager or networking.service goes down. Most of the time it's networking.service and my wifi is gone. And Then I'm unable to turn on the networking.service I think if I can configure the /etc/network/interfaces file...
  17. H

    Linux wireless AP associated but no internet and can’t ping IPs

    This is a fresh install of IPFire v2 current release. The upstream AP has Internet access and works with any other connected device. The WiFi adapter is associated with a wireless AP. This is the “red” (Internet / WAN facing) network. Ethernet is used for the green (LAN) network. A client...
  18. J

    Routing all traffic from an external machine to a proxy

    May be there is a duplicated question but it seems no one do this scenario. I have several machines in my network which are not using proxy to outbound. I want to redirect all traffic, using route tables, to an appliance so that appliance ingests that clean traffic and send it to a proxy, or...
  19. S

    [Solved]wifi not displaying

    Hi, I am very new to Linux. I have just installed Mint 20.2. Everything seems to be working except that wifi does not seem to show up in the networking section. I could not find much help googling. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. happy.blackcat

    Connecting to a VPN breaks the internet?

    It seems that when this happens a restart of some sort of network service is restarted which resets the DNS server used in resolv.conf This is honestly it's own issue that probably is a simple fix, and while help would be greatly appreciated with that issue, that's not really the reason this...