small scale framework to work instead of using linux kernel


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Jan 6, 2024
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I need to modify networking layers in Linux kernel. As you know, there are a lot of codes in "net" directory, most of them similar to IPv6, bluetooth, etc. do not use in my system.
I have several questions:
1- Is it possible to reduce/delete the code in the net directory that they are not used by my kernel linux?
2- I need to modify wireless driver, and Network layer. I find backport framework that it contains wireless driver with few codes compare to linux kernel, but it does not contain other upper layers (including network layer). Can you suggest a framework to modify networking layers?
I find OpenWRT, but it works on wireless routers and it is not suitable to use on PC.


The first thing that comes to mind is the kernel kconfig message about "networking support":
Unless you really know what you are doing, you should say Y here.
The reason is that some programs need kernel networking support even
when running on a stand-alone machine that isn't connected to any
other computer.

In relation to "reduce/delete the code" in the kernel, the usual way of doing that is a scrupulous working through of the configuration of the kernel with a make command like "make menuconfig" or "make nconfig" etc to build the kernel that suits your wishes and needs, and then compiling it.

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