1. C

    I partitioned the disk but it's not showing in <df -h>

    Hello. I use xubuntu. Context: Yesterday I accidentally deleted some files by emptying the trash myself (I did not realize my photos had somehow gone to trash). As I tried to recover them using testdisk, I unmounted the home partition (sda3) and set the home partition to read only mode. I had...
  2. K

    An unsolved problem with Neptune installation (double boot Windows 10)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to write here because I couldn't find the answer to my problem anywhere else on the web. I managed to create a bootable USB with an ISO file of Neptune 7.0 distro. After first attempts, I was unable to boot into Neptune Live. The solution that I found was changing the...
  3. B

    Question about complete bootable os and all program copy in live ubuntu using dd command

    I am upgrading from a 1 tb sata hdd to a 2 tb pciexpress ssd. The old drive is using around 700 gig of space with windows 10 load and my games and programs etc. My plan is to boot to ubuntu live session and use dd command to copy the old drive exactly how the data is written on it to make the...
  4. S

    Wish to Dual Boot Mint or Deepin with MacBook Air

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this community. I am an up-and-coming Network Support/Project Management/Operation Systems Admin in Seattle, WA. My current project is to dual boot either Deepin or Linux Mint onto my MacBook Air (MacOS Mojave) WITHOUT erasing the hard drive and reformatting it. The...
  5. blackneos940

    How Do I Make The Most Of A 500GB WD Blue Hard Drive?

    Hey guys! :3 So I decided to start using less periods in my sentences, to clean up, as it were, so that anybody browsing these threads can better read my replies/questions... :) So, on to the question..... It looks like Mom won't be able to get me that 1TB Hard Drive, and since my small (SMALL)...
  6. G

    Cautions during partitioning external SSD for Mint 19.1

    Could anyone please help me to find some previous topics or posts, about:- -- What are the cautions, to be considered while partitioning a new external SSD 120 GB, which will be used entirely for Mint 19.1, as dual boot beside Win7 on the internal HDD? -- In fact, I've searched about it, but...
  7. G

    What is the best partitioning and its sizes for SSD, to contain everything related to Mint 19.1

    What is the best partitioning and its sizes for SSD, to contain everything related to Mint 19.1 ++ For a Laptop, 300GB HDD, 3GB Ram, USB2, with Win7. ++ To install Linux Mint 19.1, with a dual boot with Win7. ++ In the case of installing Linux Mint 19.1, on a 120GB SSD, mounted in a Caddy DVD...
  8. S

    Ubuntu partitioning

    Hi , I am new to linux . I have installed Ubuntu 19.04 in my laptop. I have manually partitioned the disks. My HDD is having some unallocated space now. How can i partition the rest of the unallocated space on the HDD and do LVM configurations using Terminal commands Below shows my disk...
  9. Linubi McLuinxdowsface

    Newbie wants to install Linux on laptop with UEFI secure boot

    Xinuli Xunilu Xuinl, dear Linux community! I sincerely beg pardon for molesting you with a lengthy introduction, but it is optional to read it. If you do not have the spare time to do so, then jump straight to the section that starts: With this in my mind,... To boot with, I would like to...
  10. Jeffrey Lapinski

    Question about partitioning SDD after OS is installed

    I am planning to add a few distros to my laptop and I need some guidance on partitioning my SSD. Here is a picture of my current partitioning set up. Thanks in advance!
  11. A

    Trouble Partitioning HDD

    I'm trying to partition my HDD to be able to run either Linux or Windows. I'm using GParted to do this. What setting do I use for the partitions. I want to put Linux in partition 1 and Windows in partition 2. I assume that partition 1 is set as primary. What do I set partition 2 as? Also, how do...