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    Solved Mint Xfce power management wont open

    Hello I have freshly installed Mint Xfce on my laptop, everything seems to be working as expected, aside from Power Management wont open. I have tried opening it through the settings menu, and by searching for it in the search bar on the menu, but this gives me nothing. If I try to open it...
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    Distro for a beginner with SPECIAL needs?

    Hello my dear GNU/Linux users, I am thinking about switching from windows 10 to a linux distro for a long time now. I am working a lot in the area of Matlab / R / Python because of uni stuff. But in my free time i spend a lot of time with Unreal Engine 5 and develop small games by myself...
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    [SOLVED] PLEASE HELP | GNU GRUB version 2.04-20kali1 | BOOT-UP PROBLEMS !!! I've watched so many youtube videos as well as read through so many websites, been trying to figure this out since 8...
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    Can't install any linux on VM

    Whenever I try to install a (32-bit) Distro (i'm using virtualbox), for example Ubuntu, I either get "Install [distro]" and then blinking, non-interactable underscore (Like in a word processer), or just the underscore. I'm using windows 10 with a i686 processer. I have tried Mint, Ubuntu, and...
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    Partition (data) recovery

    Hi everyone, recently I accidentally let the Win32DiskManager write a Windows partition on my hard drive. Therefore the partition with my Images etc is unallocated. How can i "re-allocate" the partition without loosing my data? I can use either Linux, Windows or MacOS. Thanks in advance Eric
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    Manjaro screen in two different places

    You know how a day a go I said that I had no bugs/problems with manjaro and that it is perfect. I lied. I rebooted my laptop and bam my screen is separated into two different places. Help plz. Have attached image. Basically the right side of the scrwen is in the top left half and the left side...