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Jul 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,
recently I accidentally let the Win32DiskManager write a Windows partition on my hard drive.
Therefore the partition with my Images etc is unallocated.
How can i "re-allocate" the partition without loosing my data?
I can use either Linux, Windows or MacOS.

Thanks in advance

Hi Eric, and welcome. A couple of tools may help you, both made by the same company, and both can run under Linux, Windows or OS X... so whatever you are most comfortable with. I can't advise on how to properly use these tools, so please read all the documentation, FAQ's, and examples to be sure you understand what you are doing.

If you are only needing to recover images, then PhotoRec might be the better choice. But it seems that its companion app, TestDisk, is a bit more powerful and robust. Take your time and go slowly so you don't make the situation worse. Again, read the docs for these programs so you understand what they can (or can't) do, and make a plan on how to execute the recovery.

Also, give some other folks here more time to respond. It might well be that someone else will offer you advice for a better solution. Our users are all over the world, and not everyone checks in here every day. So it would definitely be good to pause for 2 or 3 days at least while you are reading up on my suggestions.

Good luck!

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