1. P

    disabling tor in tails and liveusb amnesia distributions

    Hi all. I recently came across this problem: I need a Linux-based operating system running in live mode from a usb flash drive with i2p. I learned about such a system as tails, but it turned out to be an unpleasant detail. All traffic in it is encrypted through Tor. Is it possible to disable...
  2. D

    DinoTails - Tutorial “How to persistently install Dino on Tails with Torsocks”

    Hey guys, probably there are many Tails users interested in using OMEMO encryption with XMPP. Unfortunately, Tails current XMPP client Pidgin only supports OTR encryption out of the box. Since I have seen that Dino is a promising candidate for the Pidgin successor, I developed the project...
  3. C

    Way to be fully anonymous using Kali?

    I have multiple ways to get anonymity (tor.service start, kalitorify, proxychains, Tails VM), and i want to know the best combination to be the closest to full anonymity (like tails)
  4. C

    Help to get full anonymity on Tails VM (Host: Kali, Debian)

    I used to have two USBs: a SSD with my Kali Linux and a 16gb stick with Tails. I'm planning on creating a Tails VM so i can use the security this Linux distro provides, and i need to know what are the best network options (NAT? Host-only?) to pick and if using Kalitorify while changing the mac...
  5. C

    Tails Wifi Problems, Intermittent

    A few updates ago everything was working just fine with Tails. I don't remember the specific version number where things were good, but I am up to date currently running 4.12. After logging in (I am using encrypted persistent storage) my system begins connecting to my Wifi. I can see networks...
  6. N

    No DNS sever obtained

    Good afternoon, I am a new Linux user. I am running Tails OS through a USB stick and I was trouble shooting a problem related to connecting to the internet. When trying to open a browser, I receive an error saying "No DNS server was obtained through DHCP or manually configured in...
  7. X

    BlackArch, Kali, Parrot or Tails???

    Anyone have thoughts on the pros & cons of these "security" distros?
  8. Rob

    Tails Linux 3.0 is now available

    Tails 3.0 is now available for download. Tails Linux OS is a 'live system' meant to help preserve your privacy and anonymity. Being a 'live system', you install it on removable media like a USB stick, DVD, CD or SD card. This makes it very handy to plug into any computer and use it as if you...