1. L

    Text Based Game in Bash - Help Wanted

    Hello! I am a 16 year old who just got into programming. I am fairly new, but I have been trying to learn Bash. I thought a fun project I can attempt is to to make a small text based game based on "Lemonade Stand" from the late 70s. I created a very simple version (works, most of the time)...
  2. R

    How to fix error: no such device: bootloader

    Hi! I have a problem after i tried install a OS(Debian) on a USB device. Now if i start the ps, only the rescue mode of grub starts. I tried to run some commands which i found in the web but it don't work as i want it. The commands where like ls, but it allways says: "Filesystem is...
  3. blackneos940

    How do Servers like those at linux.org and Google seem to always stay Online.....? :3

    So I've been wondering this for a little while now..... When Linux and Windows and the BSDs and HP-UX, etc., get Kernel updates, it seems they need to reboot..... :3 But what about you Rob.....? :3 When you get a Kernel update, do you have to reboot.....? :3 Does Google have to...
  4. blackneos940

    Watching For I.P. Addresses in C :3

    So hello everybody..... :3 I have a setup where I need to monitor for any foreign I.P. Addresses..... :3 I know I could just use Wireshark, but I wanna make a Program myself to do this..... :3 I imagine it involves Sockets 'n stuff, but I'm not sure where to go about it..... :\...
  5. A

    unix .php file and we need to find PrepareStatement and what statement pass based on statement

    I have gap.php file which is store in unix server and we want to first find gap.php file then search PrepareStatement text in file and some statement pass "$selectQuery" based on statement we need to search text oracle query separate by " ". PrepareStatement($selectQuery) $selectQuery =...
  6. M

    Check that Service accounts do not have direct login

    Hello All, I'm new to Unix / Linux OS and I've just been assigned a assignment to Check that Service accounts do not have direct login on Unix server and I really do know what to do. Could someone please help. Thanks in adnce.