Ansible - "Destination /etc/yum.repos.d not writable"


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Yes, the playbook for yum update is working fine on the new RHEL systems, but i get hung on the TASK [sudo update] in our old systems. I could not find if there is any local customization is done for the yum configurations on the old systems.

Any suggestions on what are the files I need to check on the old systems?

- name: sudo update
name: '*'
state: latest


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I have no way to know what changes you have made to your systems, it seems to be working fine on my Rhel7 test system. Are you able to do a yum update manually or yum repolist on the old system without running into a problem? What error do you get if you wait when it hangs until ansible gives up?

What I would do is install a clean Rhel7 system without anything extra, give full sudo access rights to the the remote_user for ansible and then try to run your playbook. See if that runs correctly if it does, add one of the sudo changes you have on your old systems, do another run and do that until you come across the setting that makes ansible hang on your old systems.

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