Any recommend device management tool on Ubuntu using ARM64 SBC?


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Nov 28, 2023
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Hello All,

I'm rookie for Linux developer, just trying to become a basic Linux user..
I'm use WAFER-IMX8MP SBC, it does support Android/Yocto/Ubuntu, and I choose Ubuntu 22.04 as my first traveling.. :)

I have two questions about SBC remote control:
  1. The Ubuntu Desktop is base on Gnome XWayland, after my study, Ubuntu package source does support x11vnc only, any recommanded tool can support xwayland VNC?
  2. Another way: If remote desktop is too difficult, any package can easy to connection via web browser, for example, I can issue the SBC ip address from my phone, NB, host PC with browser, then I can see everything about SBC status (CPU usage, Memory usage, even has command-line can issue commands on browser).

Thx, hope no borrow your time!
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Another option - consider TeamViewer. It's proprietary, but man it works well.
I found a control panel should works - Ajenti
I will try to install to my WAFER-IMX8MP SBC and feedback the use experience here soon
tigervnc seems to work OK on wayland, or at least that is what the rpi people are recommending.