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audio problem and calls drop after a while on asterisk based telephony system hi, I use asterisk bas


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Jan 12, 2018
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I use asterisk based telephony system. but calls drop after a while and sometimes we can not send a fax. some of our user can not calling eachother properly.

can you give me exact solution?

asterisk runs on centos 6.x
we use esxi too.
we use ip pbx, ip telephones too
can someone tell me whole network , nat and firewall rules or some speciphic configuration settings.
if we active t38 for faxes , what should be the carries configurations on network or firewall or nat?
our cables are fiberoptic. is it possible that any man in the middle or replication our network settings by remotely?

any idea?

Hi @gemini, and welcome! Your problems are way over my head, but they sound like more of a problem with asterisk than with CentOS. You might want to try the asterisk support forums instead... their site is here. Good luck!


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