Australia - The Land Down Under


it happens everywhere...Australia in particular.

But America is also having a terrible time...


Australia has Lost her Queen.

I like the presentation format. :)
Neat eh !!
The good people here will no doubt have noticed that there is an abundance of Aussies here at

Just a little something to wish everyone a Merry Christmas....from Alice Springs-based cinematographer, Chris Tangey,

Just joined, I once worked in Oz for 10 years so naturally this was the first thing I looked at.
Thank you and a Very Merry UnChristmas to you! Duncan

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Noelle was searching for a connection to her Congolese heritage. She found it in Shepparton​

"Although, I still think it's funny that she's connected with her culture via a country town in regional Victoria.

"But perhaps that's what Australia is all about."





1666128590904.png just have to Love It.

Queensland cattle graziers predict 'horrific' cattle deaths as toxic pimelea booms​

"The plant's toxin causes constriction of the pulmonary venules, which are the venules that pump the blood from the heart to the lungs.

"Because of the heart not being able to pump, it leaks fluid out into all the body cavities."

It was a gruesome end for the animal, and a traumatic experience for the graziers trying to nurse them.

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