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Famous Aussie pub hits the market​


The Walkabout Creek Hotel is one of Australia's most famous pubs.

The venue shot to fame as Mick Dundee's watering hole in Crocodile Dundee.

Now owners Frank and Debbie Wust have put up the for sale sign.

Watch the interview in the link above

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RIP the lovely Judith Durham, voice of the 60's, a fantastic singer
Yes! She was a very good singer and she kept her singing voice as she aged as well unlike some of them around.
I have their boxed set of all the popular Seekers songs on three CD's.
@Nik-Ken-Bah ....G'day mate !...damn its good to hear your voice !
@Nik-Ken-Bah ....G'day mate !...damn its good to hear your voice !
G'day mate! Yeah! I have been keeping a slightly lower profile since a few bits of munitions landed a slightly bit to close for comfort in Kremenchyk plus a couple in the oblast I am living in. Plus our lads are down at the sharp end. But Otherwise all is pretty good. We are healthy which is the main thing at the moment.
Keep safe

Australia's last mounted postie Bruce Dennis farewelled by historic town of Gundagai​

Gundagai even had a local tradition where residents would shout Mr Dennis a beer on Christmas Eve.

"When he pulled up at the mailbox, there'd be a bottle of beer and he'd drink it and go to the next one," Mr Smith said.

"About half past two in the afternoon, he finished up falling off the horse.
This story is about an Australian Journalist, Andrew Quilty.

Australian photographer, journalist and now author, Andrew Quilty, documented the Taliban takeover. Having lived and worked in Afghanistan for almost a decade, he often had to navigate the ethical minefield which comes with reporting on conflict.​

Published 1 September 2022 at 5:41am


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