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It's nice to see them mention Brocky. I was a bit sad when I learned of his passing. That was back in the late 2000s, as memory serves. That man had some skill - and some luck.

I realize that I'm an outlier, but I am not the only one. Even as an American, I knew about him and his ability to win on The Mountain. There was some stuff that left a sour taste in my mouth nearing the end of his career (and not because of him), but he was a true legend.

I'm not sure if anyone will take his record from him but, even if they do, he'll have still been first.

The history is pretty fascinating (to me). I'd easily place the track in the top 10 road tracks on the planet. (I don't care about ovals.) It's a very technical track and very unforgiving. If you make a mistake, it will cost you. Depending on where you are when you make that mistake, it will cost you everything.

That means you get an exciting race. Some races are basically a high-speed parade, with little passing - especially at the sharp end of the field. This one has action, typically from the first lap to the last lap.

I'm reminded of a favorite bit of racing wisdom. "You can't win on the first lap, but you can lose on it."

The way drivers are on Mt. Panorama seems to ignore this adage. They seem to just go for it as soon as the green flag flies. Which leads me to another favorite adage. "In order to finish first, you have to first finish."

Visitors marvel at gravity-defying vehicles along Jim Sauer's Row of Machinery at South Kolan​


gravity-defying vehicles

It's amazing what wooden posts stuck in the ground will support. For example, Venice, Italy. Those giant marble buildings are held up on piles made of wood. We tend to do it with steel now, with giant pile-driving equipment, but that technique is ancient.
Sam Neil, Australian actor,
Throughout his long career that took off in 1979 after working alongside Judy Davis in My Brilliant Career, he's performed with some of the best: Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern in the Jurassic Park series, .... Meryl Streep in Evil Angels, .... Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm and the late Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October.

Darwin, Australia. The Face of the North.

Population 5500

Battle of Darwin claimed 240 lives



Current Population 168000
This film shot in 1963 !
Darwin 2023
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