bashrc file's end scripts are inline commented

Debdut Chakraborty

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Feb 4, 2019
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Today I was working on getting ClamavNet working, i saw some errors, googled them, on a forum someone said i have to set the libraries to PATH. So i saw some online tutorials, and started editing bashrc through vim. I've a certain amount of basic programming/scripting syntax idea. So i noticed that the last lines of the script were inside of a comment. i cross checked with a bashrc file from a YouTube video, and the lines seemed not wrong. I've included a screenshot of the bashrc file. Thanks for helping.

also sorry if i wrote anything wrong. I'm fairly new to linux. Basically 3 days. So I don't know much about it.

EDIT : Those lines aren't commented, instead they're acting like a string. I'm sorry for this.
EDIT2 : Just fixed the issue :) thanks anyway.
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That's great news, Debdut and welcome to :)

I am just moving this to "Command Line", which is where such enquiries should be directed, for future reference.

Enjoy your Linux.

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