1. S

    I need a stable Linux distro

    I need a Linux distribution with these specifications: intel i3 3220 :( 4 GB Ram also for programming.
  2. B

    Print WiFi-Scan result to apache webpage

    Dear comm, i want to scan for wifi-networks by using a html button & want to print the result to webpage, i would be grateful for a quick reply, greetz, blackleakz
  3. B

    Modify netinstaller to install basic system

    Hello, I am a student and I am working on a personal project. I should modify the debian netinstaller iso to not download from the mirror but instead automatically proceed with all packages and configurations it has and install a very basic system. It shouldn't ask the user for a mirror...
  4. M

    Ubuntu slow

    Some days ago I updated my os from 20.0.4 but after sometimes I noticed my system git slower and it's always hanging
  5. SpongebobFan1994

    Linux in Pop Culture

    Its a cool feeling when you see or hear a specific distro being mentioned in pop culture, because it encourages people to try it out, while promoting Linux as a whole and the principles of FOSS. There are a few links I found that talk about this (albeit a bit old): Here's Canonical talking...
  6. J

    Tor browser not launching after installation on Kali

    Hello World, This happen to be my first post to this community. Any help is much appreciated. I did install both tor and torbrowser-launcher on my machine, but when I tried to run the command "torbrowser-launcher", it shows the small dialog box saying installing and verifying signature, then I...
  7. B

    System does not reboot after injecting uncorrectable PCIE errors via aer-inject

    CPU info : [email protected]:~# cat /sys/devices/cpu/caps/pmu_name broadwell Architecture: x86_64 CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit Byte Order: Little Endian Address sizes: 46 bits physical, 48 bits virtual CPU(s)...
  8. S

    New BitLocker key id generated and not saved while in Linux! - locked out of Windows! - Plus need back Linux boot entry option!

    I had previously set up dual boot linux-windows OS two years and also had bitlocker on to encrypt windows C drive which I should not have needed to I think. All was fine that time since I had keys saved to ms account (I had set bitlocker key to save to ms) that worked! But yesterday I logged...
  9. MihaiXSS

    Favourite Linux distro

    So guys I want to know what’s are your favourite linux distros, so let me know it :D
  10. A

    Slow WIfi Speed

    I am using Kubuntu 20.04 as my daily driver on Thinkpad L430 One of the most major issues I faced is of wireless connectivity. Wifi would work very slow sometimes It wouldn't even load a html page I thought it is a problem of driver and it was true as many users faced the same. But there were no...
  11. naxsis61

    using multiple screen on linux server without WM , DE etc

    few hours ago I install for my 15 pc ubuntu server. I handle the res problem via grub.cfg file but the problem now I face is; some info here current grub res data : 1920x1080x32 laptop 15.6 " external monitor : 34 " what I need and want to do sperate those screens via cfg file if it detected...
  12. super_user_do

    Linux and FOSS in schools and public administration

    Hello everybody :) I've always wanted and actively tried to promote and spread the adoption of Linux and FLOSS software in schools since we rarely use them in my country. What's your experience with that? Does your school/uni/workplace and public institutions in your country use Linux or some...
  13. super_user_do

    The State of LUGs around the world - Your experiences

    What's the situation of LUGs and FOSS collectives/organizations in your country? Do they communicate well with either linux users, militants or the general public? Have you ever witnessed some kind of event? Are you part of a LUG or some kind of pro-FOSS organization? Share your experiences...
  14. leny

    Cannot install linux on Aspire 5100 [SOLVED]

    Hello all, I've already given up my old Acer Aspire 5100 few times, but everytime I'm ready to dump it I decide to try again, because I don't understand why I cannot get this old laptop to work with a very light Ubuntu distro or something. It's a AMD Turion 62 X2 Mobile Tl-50, 64b, 1.75GB RAM...
  15. L

    About sshd_config file

    Can we manage multiple ssh config files in same system
  16. DrugZ

    CS1.6 & Half Life1 [ Linux RePack ]

    CS1.6 & Half Life1 - two legends that are made on the same engine and have similar mechanics (considering that cs is a mod to hl). I've also added graphical changes and tweaked the configuration a bit. I immediately put both Half life and Counter Strike into one repack, the folders were combined...
  17. DrugZ

    GZDoom [ Linux RePack ]

    GZDoom ( Doom ) - This is a port of the original Doom series with improved graphics and engine features. I have collected for you a repack from GZDoom and several mods including Brutal Doom and Project Brutality, as well as graphic mods. How to launch the game and start playing: Attention! If...
  18. DrugZ

    Quake 3 [ Linux RePack ]

    Quake III Arena ( Linux ) - the legendary shooter released in 1999. I made a repack where the basis was the CPMA platform for Linux and added some mods to improve the graphics, also corrected the configuration. Some bugs with the compatibility of mods and multiplayer have also been fixed. How to...
  19. T

    Hi, im new to linux. Just switched from windows to Regata os. Need help configuring internet.

    Hi, im new. Just switched from windows to regata os. Got tired of Microsoft. So now im in linux. Installed it on Sunday on my desktop. Been trying to set internet. Making progress. Got the wifi setup. But, can't activated it. How do I do that? Im overlooking it. Is it a command in terminal...
  20. G

    Fancontrol under Debian 11

    Hello everyone, I need some serious help since its been 1 week of failure trying to make my fans controllable on my Debian 11. My laptop: Acer Nitro 517-51 Sensors-detect only detects this part including fans: nouveau-pci-0100 Adapter: PCI adapter fan1: N/A temp1: N/A...