1. N

    make[1]: *** [/linux_work/linux_latest_bootable/Makefile:801: include/config/auto.conf] Error 1

    I'm trying to direct the kselftest output from kselftest. But It works fine with sudo make kselftest but it gives error with O= option and I had tried KBUILD_OUTPUT=/tmp/kselftest. It doesn't show any output report on /tmp/kselftest. sudo make O=/tmp/kselftest kselftest-install gives the...
  2. A

    Website loading issue on Linux

    I was trying to access some ecommerce site but the site never load properly in any browser (Chrome, EDGE, Firefox), BTW Using Fedora 38. I didn't thought it's a problem i thought it's their site issue. So i mailed them. they said no problem on their side, So i thought let me once check on my...
  3. N

    Online Linux terminals

    Are online Linux terminals adequate to learn Linux to become a Software Developer?? Like the one offered by TutorialsPoint
  4. U

    External Linux System (SSD/USB) on common pc with no access to internal SSD/HDD

    Hello, fter having a crash of my old pc because of too many operating systems on one HDD (- and one overwrote systemfiles of the others), I wanted to try a different way. In this way, I want to use my main operating system on the internal storage. The 2 and 3 operating system should run on an...
  5. T

    Is there a Wi-Fi solution for deepin os?

    Hi all, i want to ask something is there any solution to use Wi-Fi on deepin os? If so, may I ask for the solution? I'm new to this but don't understand what to do. Thank you I hope to interrupt the reply from you guys.
  6. A

    Developing an operating system from scratch.

    How can I make an operating system using the Linux kernel, what should I pay attention to when making an operating system?
  7. A

    How to use connection tracking with Forward?

    Hi everyone. I am setting up my firewall and want to close services, which open in docker too, in one place. So, my rules look like this: nft add table inet PREROUTING nft 'add chain inet PREROUTING lower_filter { type filter hook prerouting priority -130; policy drop; }' nft add rule inet...
  8. C

    Crashes with deep rock galactic on steam - need help diagnosing

    I'm running debian bookworm on my framework laptop with an i7-1165G7 and Iris XE graphics. In deep rock galactic, my game crashes but only when a certain effect is shown on screen (that of bugs being killed with anything that kills them with fire, such as the breach cutter.) The entire game...
  9. jeremyyhh

    load kernel kali 1st install

    I just installed Kali Linux for the first time and after installation it booted to the grub menu and when I typed boot it says error you need to load the kernel first. I have absolutely no [EXPLETIVE REMOVED BY MODERATOR] clue what to do. please help.
  10. SpongebobFan1994

    Here's a Link to Our Dedicated "Linux Funny" Page
  11. SpongebobFan1994

    Solved Tuxbot, What Happens to the Linux Kernel if the Linux Foundation Ceases to Exist?

    I asked this question to other users in the past, but I wanted to get your input on it While I'm not going to deny the achievements the Linux Foundation has made for Linux itself in the last several years (as there has been plenty of them), I will agree that it does have some guilt of being a...
  12. A

    External NVMe slow once?

    I’ve bought an external NVMe and the first time I’ve tried to copy a (large) folder it was super slow. I’ve immediately thought of some defects but smartctl doesn’t report anything wrong, then I’ve tried again to copy (multiple times) the same folder and other files and now it’s super fast as...
  13. SpongebobFan1994

    A Response to DT's Recent Video While I'm nowhere near as experienced in Linux as he is, he does make some points I found interesting, such as a lack of customization (something I've experienced in Mint XFCE). Because of that, I wish I was a Linux user in the early days of...
  14. T

    How can I design and implement a secure wireless network?

    Hi, I am writing a bachelor thesis on "Wireless Network Security", I need to design and implement a secure wireless network that contains various security measures such as strong passwords, encryption, firewalls and access control policies and then test the security of the network using...
  15. abrahimzaman360

    Removing Wireless Kernel Driver

    Device Specs: I've Installed a Wireless Driver using dkms but I Want to Remove Older How to Do So. I see 2 wifi devices in control panel. Thanks <:
  16. L

    Hello, a question on Linux Certification

    To be more precise - about Advanced Level Certification. I've just successfully passed my LFCS (Linux Foundation) certification. Now I'd like to get something more advanced in this area. Until May 2022 Linux Foundation had LFCE (Linux Engineer), but now it seems they've gotten rid of it with no...
  17. F

    Use phone as gamepad

    Can anybody please tell me about any software which can make my android phone a gamepad for linux mint, like droidjoy is available on windows only. Please help.
  18. J

    How to change the integrated graphics to external graphics?

    Recently I have installed the Ubuntu Studio on my computer, but I wound't able to install the AMD drivers to my computer. And my computer is running with the integrated Intel graphics and my AMD graphic card is obsolete on my PC. I need to: 1 - Install AMD graphics drivers 2 - Change the...
  19. E

    How to print /etc/passwd in different output?

    i would like to write a script that prints /etc/passwd as this output: root daemon bin sys … x x x x 0 1 1 2 root daemon bin sys first line has all user accounts in same row second line has all encrypted passwords (x) in same row third line has all user ids in same row and etc…
  20. E

    How to list all files and directories that have the maximum number of the same inode number?

    how to list all files and directories that have the maximum number of the same inode number in the home directory? for example: inode file/directory name 112233 file1 112233 myfile 112233 myDocs 345566 Docs 345566 Downloads then it should print /home/sysadmin/file1 /home/sysadmin/myfile...