1. J

    New and need help

    Hi! My name is Matt and I am taking a Linux class and need help on an assignment. I have attached the instructions for this assignment. I believe that I have the first part down (it has 3 parts). I just need a push in the right direction for the rest. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. super_user_do

    Good Linux Convertible Laptop

    Hello everybody I need a laptop for uni/work and super lightweight gaming (rocket league, Minecraft, LoL) and I would love to use Linux on it. I've seen some people using Surface laptops with full touch capabilities and the pen but I'm not sure what to get and I don't know if there are better...
  3. F

    Can't change bridge subnet or create network on Docker

    I would like to build a small infrastructure entirely under Linux. For the LDAP and file server part I would like to set up a Docker server that will host the OpenLDAP and Owncloud containers. I would like to have a network for my Docker server and its containers. This will give ...
  4. P

    Multiplying the decimals in the column

    Hi, I want to multiply only the second column by 27.211396132 . I use awk '{$2=$2*27.211396132 ; print }' input file > output file The result is wrong . I want the answer to be like 5 -76308.842049 ( for the first line). Please help me...
  5. L

    Discovering a process run in the past

    Suppose that a random process starts at time X and ends at time X + 5 seconds... Is there a way to discover the TID, PID, and name of process for instance at time X+6 seconds? I would like to get the same informations given by ps
  6. K

    How to compile Linux kernel 5.19.8 with symbols and debugging enabled?

    In the config file, all I can find is the option "CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_NONE". I am not sure what I should set this to, and what other config options must be set in order for the kernel to be compiled with symbols for debugging. I am trying to use GDB to debug the kernel.
  7. aleff

    Firewalling with iptables

    Hello everybody I'm new here and i come because i need an help because I'm not sure that i have firewalled correctly my computer. I used this instruction -P INPUT DROP -P FORWARD ACCEPT -P OUTPUT DROP -A INPUT -i wlp59s0 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT -A OUTPUT -o wlp59s0 -m state...
  8. K

    Finding all the kernel source files used when compiling against a certain config file

    I am having some issues with finding all the kernel source files used when compiling against a certain config file? I do not want the full kernel source tree, just the one that went into building the kernel against a certain config setting, like make defconfig or make allnoconfig, etc... Am I...
  9. Ericmyers

    I Cannot Solve The Firefox Freezing Issue In Ubuntu 20.04!

    Hello everyone. How are you? I'm posting this for the sake of my Firefox web browser in Ubuntu 20.04. Whenever I want to use the Mozilla Firefox browser on my Windows 10 PC, the Firefox freezing issue makes it very difficult to use. I don’t know why this is happening or how to fix this issue...
  10. Alone in the Dark

    Will Linux replace windows in future?

    its because windows comes intalled on most pcs for sale and linux doesnt. Therefore you have to normally make an extra effort to by a computer already with windows on it delete it and install an operating system that may or may not work on your new pc. so most peope understandably stick with the...
  11. L

    Is swap recommended for a 4gb ram pc?If yes what is the recommended size?

    I have installed linux in my old pc.It has 4 gb ddr3 ram.Should i create a swap partition?I will be happy to know the recommended size.
  12. L

    Which should be given more priority to among these for softwares?

    lets find the best place for softwares
  13. T

    Upgrading from Ubuntu 21.10 to Ubuntu 22.04

    I have such a problem. I upgraded my server from Ubuntu 21.10 to Ubuntu 22.04 using do-release-upgrade. Everything went well until the end. After the update I restarted the server but no services loaded. When I tried the apt upgrade command I got this error: Does anyone know what to do with it...
  14. S

    Unknown kernel command line parameters "BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.18.11-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64", will be passed to user space

    Hi, On centos 7 after upgrading the kernel to version 5.18.11 I observed the below message in /var/log/messages kernel: Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.18.11-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 root=/dev/mapper/cl-root ro biosdevname=0 net.ifnames=0 crashkernel=auto
  15. F

    Which Linux distros is the best for beginners ?

    Which Linux distros is the best for beginners ?
  16. 4

    Sound card not working on Arch Linux

    I did a nice install with Archinstall. No problems but no sound. what should I do? @Brickwizard @SlowCoder @KGIII
  17. OnlyWick

    How to examine `elf` file by hexdump?

    I'm learning elf file layout, so I'm reading Executable_and_Linkable_Format. In the beginning, I used `readelf -a` to exmine elf(.o file), but it provided is not my want, so I used hexdump -C to exmined it binaries form. I used `as -Og -g ... -o ..., ld ... -o ...` and `hexdump -C ...` to...
  18. A

    Disk IO of all disks in a system slowed down when one of the disks became readonly during content writing

    Environment: OS: OEL 7.6 Kernel: 3.10.0 Total Disks: 5 Description: We have 5 disks of size 4TB each. Content is being written on each of the disks. Avg. write time of disk is 5ms/req . Now, one of the disks suddenly got failed and became readonly. After this failure, response time of...
  19. wolste99

    New to Linux and need install direction

    Hello, all I am new and this is my first post. I'm glad to be here! I have been playing around, and reading/learning about, Linux the past several weeks. (I have a Raspberry Pi 400 I've been checking out and I have a small Lenovo laptop with Ubuntu). I have an ASUS 17" gaming laptop and I...
  20. L

    RedHat Linux VM Domain Joining

    Hi all, I am new to Linux and need some suggestion on Azure Linux VM (RHEL 7.7) domain joining using bash script. I wrote below script for each steps needed to domain join a linux (rhel) vm. The script seems working fine but, as I am new to linux world, I need advise on below steps and I might...