1. L

    Using Scrapy to collect comments from internet by keywords

    Hello! Today when ChatGPT is widely used is web scraping tools like scrapy still necessary? I learn Scrapy and It is interesting to me: If I can use Scrapy to collect comments of our customers from internet by keyword (for one week, for example)? It is my daily job routine. Thank you!
  2. M

    How do I get Xfce back?!

    Hey, community, I hope you're having an amazing morning, evening, night, or whatever part of the day it is in your timezone. With all of that aside, I have a big problem: Xfce is gone. So basically, earlier today, I tried to install GNOME on my own like the stubborn know-it-all...
  3. A

    Stream Deck device on Linux

    I'm considering using a Stream Deck device on Linux and found some drivers on GitHub ( Has anyone here used Stream Deck with Linux, and how well do these drivers work? I'm particularly interested in knowing if these drivers support all Stream Deck...
  4. S

    KGet failed to open in kali linux

    hello, I have a problem, when I'm opening kget in kali Xfce 4.18, It's not working. how to fix it ?
  5. T

    Need help setting up IPv6 with Kali Linux in VirtualBox

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little help in configuring my Kali Linux VM or resolving an issue I am having with setting it up with IPv6. I have IPv6 on my host machine and can ping the internet, e.g., Google (2001:4860:4860::8888), so I know it should work but despite having an IPv6 assigned to the...
  6. C

    Dkpg :Error processing package linux-image-am64

    hello guys i’m new on linux and i wanted to run ( sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade ) but i got this error ( dpkg: error processing package linux-image amd64 (--configure): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing...
  7. S

    How to Use Modules in a Linux kernel

    I found a Linux Kernel repository with CANXL implementation which I cloned and compiled successfully on my existing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS virtual machine. I want to use the code files to send the CANXL frames but I do not know how. The repo link : What is the...
  8. S

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora. I found out that it only had RHEL and Ubuntu Certification (, but not Fedora. So my question is will Fedora 100% work on it without any problems...
  9. Haui111

    Screen suddenly goes black on ubuntu 23.04 (not at login)

    Hi folks! Another day another dough... I mean problem. System I run Ubuntu 23.04 on an ASUS MB with i9 and 3060ti, one Monitor over DP. The GPU is new, the Computer ran for short periods on ubuntu 22.10 until 2-3 Weeks ago since I decided to switch from windows, got myself a gpu for gaming...
  10. Haui111

    "Display Settings" not opening on Ubuntu 23.04

    Hi! I'm trying to find out why my display settings are not showing when rightclicking or using gnome-control-center display. I have recently disabled a mod I had done to disable pipewire since I couldn't hear anything when using rdp. But probably some of the changed configuration is now...
  11. N

    How to fix kernel panic issue on ubuntu 20.4 LTS ?

    I got the following kernel panic error when I turned on my laptop this morning. I tried to edit and init=/bin/bash/ to the grub config file with a live bootable usb. Yet I'm clueless about what to do to fix this issue. Here's the error: 4.974048] Initramfs unpacking failed: junk within...
  12. M

    Manjaro, Ubuntu or Zorin?

    Which Linux Distro is better for web developers? Or can someone recommend one? Thanks in advance. The distro must meet the following recommended features. Fast and Secure Can handle or manage server side scripting. Can target old devices as well as modern technologies. Can catch up with the...
  13. K

    Troubles with stability on Linux

    I've been trying out many linux distro's on my pc and a lot of them have been a bit unstable on my pc. So then i decided to install Debian due to it being stable, but it's still unstable. The package manager store which is called "discover" on Debian is unstable (The package manager stores on...
  14. Z

    Solved Which linux package to install

    I want to know what packages needs to be install for a particular command to to run clear command a package name ncurses is needed.I knew a site which used to tell the package name for all Distro of linux but I couldn't remember anymore .Can somebody mention the site/s.I was very simple...
  15. F

    Black screen with blinking cursor / not booting after installation

    So recently I wanted to install Kali Linux to use alongside windows 10 as a dual boot system, I have used ubuntu in the pased so I uninstalled it before doing anything else even though the Grub boot loader for it is still present (also yes, I have tried removing the grub boot loader in admin win...
  16. A

    Solved Guidance to buy new (refurbished) Dell Laptop

    Hi Everyone, Currently running a MacAir (13) 2015 with Linux Mint for my daily computer. Love LINUX also have a Desktop that works amazing that I built for the wife. My current laptop however, is starting to freeze up when opening multiple windows and the back lit keyboard a lo of the keys are...
  17. S

    Laptop screen randomly goes blank and then to the lock screen

    Hi ive been having this weird issue where my laptop screen goes black for a few seconds and then takes me to the lock screen, im having to use an external display. Also dont know if this is related but my laptop keyboard wont work as well. Im using an HP 348 G3, using the latest version of pop...
  18. R

    Dell xps 17 9210 with linux

    Hello, I want to install and use my xps 17 9210 with Linux. I work with belnder, Davincie Resolve and it would be nice to run Steam and games. I already have some Linux experience. But it's been a while since I've worked with it. Any suggestion on which distro I should use? I appreciate all...
  19. K

    System getting shutdown every 30-40 mins

    Hello, My system getting shutdown every 30-40 mins and while i start up manually it pops up the below error. Using centos on my machine. Had this problem with my previous OS as well could not figure out where is the issue exactly. you help will be appreciated. [ 0.071412] mce: [Hardware...
  20. F


    I'm having an issue with my Linux machine, i can connect to my phone hotspot but can't ping any nameserver or Google, please i need help.