1. N

    Pas de retour de force sur tout les jeux (Logitech G920)

    FR : Bonsoir, j'espère que vous allez bien, je n'ai pas de retour de force sur mon volant logitech g920, y'a-t'il une solution pour résoudre ce problème? Merci d'avance ! Configuration : OS Bazzite - KDE Plasma 6 Ryzen 5 3600, 6700XT, B550 Gaming Plus, 16 Go de RAM 3200 MHz cl16, SSD 2 To et...
  2. X

    GRUB Rescue:Need help from someone with patience

    I tried installing Kali Linux but had some problem,errors and now when i want to boot the laptop this is what happens. I tried looking for tutorials but its like Chinese I dont have experience at all.. Please give me guidance so i can use the laptop and fix this problem.
  3. D

    What are ldd, and for?

    I'm studying to achieve my LPIC-1 certification but I reached a stage that frustrated me a lot where I couldn't understand how ldd and work, could you help me?
  4. A

    Use process path in cgroups

    I have a problem with cgoups. I want to limit network traffic of processes based on their process path, not pid. My problem is that some of those processes are not running and maybe they will run later. So I don't have any pid to add in cgroups. What should I do?
  5. L

    Install Arch Linux without Calamares from A Live Environment!

    Just about all arch linux installers out there use the calamares installer. just wanted to highlight the fact that arch linux can be installed from a live environment without the need of calamares. It can be done with the archinstall script from a live environment and you can even have your...
  6. B

    Impulse XDR 1.10 released: Real-time threat detection & integrity monitoring for Linux platforms

    Hello! Deploying the next-generation of security telemetry technologies is hard, so I’m building Impulse, a fully automated XDR platform that leverages tools like Osquery and eBPF to provide real-time threat detection & integrity monitoring for servers and workstations. It detects malware from...
  7. N

    need help instaling a repository pls

    Repositório error
  8. M

    Plugins doesn't work

    Hey! I have a problem with plugins in my Ettercap. I didn't know how to fix it. When I tried use to a chk_poison I got response: chk_poison: Checking poisoning status... chk_poison: No poisoning at all :( When I tried use to remote_browser I didn't get response with 'www' which I wrote Have...
  9. Protmetheus

    E: Unable to locate package

    i'v been getting this problem for like 2 days already , i can't install anything, i checked source list and there are no links, also checked few youtube tutorials and did exactly what they did and copied some links there, but nothing seems to work , this is my first time posting on this website...
  10. G

    DNS Client Configuration for Oracle Server 8 and Ubuntu

    Hello :) I would like to know what is the recommended approach for configuring the DNS client on Oracle Server 8 and Ubuntu Server? thank u
  11. OpenLinux21

    Linux Networking Problems

    I made my own Linux system consisting of a kernel (make ARCH=x86_64 defconfig), Busybox rootfs, and after booting, I found that there was no network (not a hardware problem).This is ISO File
  12. BoodyWin

    Some ideas for my os to add in

    Well, few days ago after making this linux account, i was made a thread about a LFS (Linux from scratch) project here : But i saw that no one replied, and tried to remove it but without something, so i made a new thread - this one that you read...
  13. A

    No release file problem in me installing steam.

    So this is what I tried to do, and I had the "no release problem" with the following errors: How do I fix this missing package error? I'm on chromebook version: Version 119.0.6045.214 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  14. L

    How can I unmount my windows partitions from linux in a dualboot?

    I want to make it so that linux doesn't have any access to my windows partitions.
  15. G

    Solved Need to get audio and mic working in Lenovo Yoga C940-15IRH with no official Linux support

    Hello Linux Forum Users, Hope you are well. I need to get the audio and also hopefully the microphone working on my Lenovo Yoga C940-15IRH laptop. The laptop was purchased a few years ago, and came with Windows. According to this page: there...
  16. BoodyWin

    A LFS project

    Well, I'm working on a LFS(Linux From Scratch) project for making a new unix operating system , I've started with the simple commands - copy, move, delete, rename and all these stuff - first, so that will make it easier to make the os (In addition, I'm making these apps mainly using Python) ...
  17. neodev27

    Linux + Windows compatibility layer + Android compatibility layer (Not Bliss or Lindows, lol)

    Individual Project Announcement Ladies and gentlemens, It is time for a new (first for me) project for Linux. We all know Android and Windows are paid systems if we dont mind that Android has an open source version. And also you might know there is community version of Windows called React OS...
  18. ajaxpain

    Expand server memory ubuntu 20.04 (ZIMBRA)

    Hello, I have a problem with my Ubuntu server, which I use as a mail server using Zimbra. The problem I have is that I am running out of space, what I want is to add another storage disk, but how would I do so that when the initial disk is full, the new information begins to fill on the new disk...
  19. D

    My laptop Dell Inspiron 3542(i3 4th gen) is not shutting down completely.

    Laptop is not shutting down Completely in any linux distro but it shutdown in windows 10. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 3542, core i3 4th gen. First what happening when I power off by shutdown button in menu or using cli, laptop disconnect every peripheral devices, lcd goes off as normal shutdown...
  20. T

    Need help with installing dvd games and watching blue ray and dvd movies on Neptune os

    Hi, im trying to get my blue ray player to work on neptune os which is based on debian. im struggling to find someone that will help me. ci already installed wine and winezgui. i have the libdvd-pkg, libdvdread-dev, libdvdcss-dev, libdvdnav-dev, libaacs-dev, libddplus-dev and libbluray-dev...